3rd cycle, German Pharmaceuticals 20mg Epistane & 10mg MDrol for 8weeks too much?



Im 2 weeks away from finishing my 2nd cycle, I was on 10mg of LGD4033, 10mg of Rad140 and 220mg of 4andro for 8 weeks on a modest bulk of 500 extra calories a day. I gained some size, leaned out a bit and went up on some lifts in case some of you was wondering. But anyway...

Im planning on trying something a bit stronger for my next cycle. I see most people say 5 to 6 weeks is enough especially when stacking two methyled compounds. But since im doing half the recommended dose of each I figure I could get away with 8 weeks without damaging my liver too much, but blood work will be the only way to ultimately tell if its being damaged badly. Of course a cycle support will be in my cycle, ill be using competitive edge labs cycle assist and their tudca durring all 8 weeks and their pct assist.. im guilty of being a brand name whore. Ill be using Maresearch tamoxifen for pct and Maresearch exemestane will be on hand to combat any estrogen issues.

So my question is... even at half dose is 8 weeks too long or is the dose not high enough? My goal is simple, a modest bulk with minimum fat gain, while trying to stay lean and get stronger
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