31 week test E and mast .. pct


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I know I ran it way to long ..... 300 test E and 300 mast weekly.

I am attempting to do a correct pct.

my last pin was 9/20

I started today with 100 mg clomid and 4.5 DAA

what else should i add and how long should i run the clomid ?


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From my experienceand what i went through with clomid after 20 weeks of test e (horrible experience) my advice is to lower the test to 100mg (or whatever TRUE replacement doze that puts you mid-high normal) and add in hcg. I would go with maybe 500-750 iu eod (you can look up power pct protocol, it calls for high hcg doses upwards of 2000iu eod however i cant see scientific backing for such a high dose). You need yo wake up your testicles and no point in suffering while doing this. Trt dose of test alongside hcg to keep you feeling sane.
And since hcg bypasses hpta axis, no difference between running just hcg and hcg with test to actually feel normal.

250iu eod seems to be true replacement dose, while 500iu eod seems to stimulate testicles more than natural lh.

I started with 750iu eod however after 2 weeks lowered to 750 iu 2x per week. Might switch to a lower more frequent dose once i mix new hcg with bac. water in a vial. Have been doing this for roughly 3 weeks now.

I cant see you going wrong with 500 iu eod/3x per week. And i would do that for at least 3 weeks. Then i would go and check test levels.

If they are high normal, then you may start your serm. I am not gonna give advice on serm dosage/durarion as i dislike serms, but you can follow one of the many tried and true serm protocols for pct.

edit: sorry just saw that you already started clomid. Well in that case you may aswell continue it and tough it out.

I couldnt tolerate clomid. Felt like an anxious, sad, panicky piece of sh1t.

100mg clomid damn... i managed 20 days at 25mg and couldnt take it anymore.
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