1-Andro Esters, Liposomal Delivery, etc. Your Thoughts?


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What's up guys. Long story short I impulse bought Blackstone Labs chosen 1 a while back to use as my first cycle back before I really read up on ****. And lately I remember seeing an article that basically said there is no evidence that esters of the compound or liposomal delivery changed the effects at all which would essentially make the product very under dosed.

I'm curious what you guys think of it, I have clomid coming soon and am hoping to start cycle mid-October (which I'll be keeping logs of). Say **** it and use the product or grab a different one at the proper dosage?


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Delivery systems really help. Our andros have a delivery system that is scientifically proven to increase absorption 300%. These delivery methods really do as advertised. That being said, that product is still horribly dosed and you would need multiple bottles for a half way decent cycle.

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