1/4 Andro mix and match?


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So am just about to run my own 1/4 andro + Mk677 8 week stack to add some size over winter.
I have Icon One/OL 4 andro and MK677 and planning 4 weeks with that then finishing with Nano 1 T/4 Diol MK677 for 4 weeks - will continue the MK677 in PCT. I'm kicing these different versions as I have these various products kicking around gathering dust and having tried Sarms last winter I wasnt overally impressed especially with the sides to gains ratio I just dont find them worth it for the trashed lipids and suppression.

Ive heard some great things about The Icon One which is dosed at 112.5 mg 1- dhea and I know being transdermal it might double that due to the absorption....would it be worthwhile adding another 110mg 1 andro to just top it up to around the 300mg mark?

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