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  • CrazyChemist
    Hey bro, just wanted to say whats up. I've been inactive on the forum the past 15 months but I'm back and
    wanted to see who is still active on the board
    I Christian too. Its strange how many christians are on this site...
    Can you sub to my new log :)?
    h t t p :// t m l
    Zero V my old nemesis still at it I see, so am I check out my log oyeah my last cycle went well i kept all my gains and strength went through the roof. Seems my very presence has already inraged some newbies on this godforsaken sight... lets do this all over again
    Hi Zero V, I was curious about you and I had a few questions if I may, are you really 163lbs ? Also, what brand and kind of peptides do you use.How long have you been working out? Are you certified in personal training, have you ever competed, used gear, supplments? I found what you had to say about Genesis Peptides quite intriguing and I wanted to pick your brain. I have a Masters in BioChem. and Bio. I knew of peptides long before they were ever made public. I was competing in the 70's and 80's and never quit because inside all you have are weights to maintain whatever sanity the feds didn't rob from you. They can do whatever they want physically but they can never break your spirit if you don't let them. Only the strong survive 20yrs. my friend.Here is some perspective for you you weren't evenborn when I went in either that or you were close to it. lol!!
    I did what you wanted and edited my post. No I am not an advertisement, but what I am is someone who did 20yrs in prison courtesy of the federal government and this is one of the few chances I have to use a computer. Do you realize when I went away there was no such thing as an internet. I do not seek sympathy , rather I ask for a little leeway I am not a computer genious but what I am is someone who is still trying to learn about modern technology
    Thanks bro, nice to see some mature people on this site.
    Rosie Chee
    Yeah, Applied was at the Vitamin Shoppe booth on Friday and Saturday, but we didn't do it on Sunday. We will have our own booth next year. All good. No doubt we'll meet at some show or expo or another at some time...Hope you have a great week!
    yo dude just requested you as a friend, i got a degree in biomedical science so if theres anything you wanna ask go ahead, btw i have a blog on avanar and wondered if you knew anything about it!?also how do i create a thread instead of a blog? ill be more than happy to help with any questions you have, i literally have medical encyclopedias which i look through!
    Iron Lungz
    What sort of job? Do you have any other prospects? The economy dictates jobs at the moment, so an offer is a great thing. If you can hang with some foul-mouthed hooligans’ and be cool, please join the revolution! (Note: no religious bickering, or actual revolution talks) It's a group for nothing more than laughs! :)
    Invite sent.
    hey man could you help me out im not new to working out or anything but i was gona take some trenadrol and i was wondering for the pct would i be able to take a test booster like mass fx along with maybe formadrol or inhibit e??
    Iron Lungz
    There's no need in getting locked up for, ''words.''
    Remember where you are posting certain things... nothing is private in binary code.
    can't find the $30/bottle Trenadrol that you mentioned. I see lots of $60 Trenadrol on and ebay.
    alright last question hah ive decided to order the igf-2 drive rpm stack you suggested. any advice on what else to take with them or how much to take (i know it says ont he bottle but sometimes that can be too much or too little i think)
    oh okay, got it. sizeon is a creatine formula, its creatine gluconate with some other stuff mixed in that you take during your workout and its the only thing ive ever used that ive actually noticed a big difference from. so my stack just wouldnt work well together i guess haha
    hey so ive been looking alot at the stuff you reccomended for me and ive thought it would be best to mix and match so i thought i would run it by you the stack im thinking of. feel free to say im an idiot and just stick with what you had said. anyway heres what ive come up with
    mass fx
    size on
    optimum whey
    ya mass xxx is a protein shake , it has protein and alot of carbs so its good! but that Drive + IGF-2 stuff sounds pretty badass
    I do bench 5X5
    squat 5X5
    clean 5X3
    Decline Bench 3X20
    decline crunch 3X50

    i hav the money ha so im not worried abou tthat and thanks, sounds good 2me
    man that guy on the customer serivice was ****ing full of **** he said that the only side effect was acne.
    but do u think Mass XXX (gnc pro performance) with Armitest and Enoxide would be a good thing for me , because testosterone dosnt mess me up and neither does Nitric Oxide??
    oh so i shouldnt be taking lik deca duraboline or weak stuff lik maxodrol?? u think maxodrol would actually benefit me tho??
    Im supplament free rite now, im 6ft 172lbs im 17years old and i wanna no what the best supplament or steriod that could help me gain up 2 20lbs in one month
    hey , what would be the best supplament or hgh i could take to gain up 2 20 or more pounds in less than 2months??
    Zero, my name is Jack. I just joined today. I'm 54 and looking to gain some bulk and strength. You seem very knowledgeable and street smart about product. I'm @ [email protected] If you care to, give me some suggestions. I don't need to worry about hair loss or loss of libido. I want to see what it feels like to be super-human for a couple of cycles. You feel me? If not, disregard and I'll just keep reading you.
    dude this site is rly confusing so idk if it sent u the message cuz its not in my box so heres the link to the stuff i think i might need.?
    Paravol Post Cycle Therapy & Orgasm Intensifier by Palo Alto Labs Cheap! Buy Paravol Post Cycle Therapy & Orgasm Intensifier by Palo Alto Labs On Sale Reviews & Discount Nutritional Supplements, Ephedra Pills Weight Loss Diet Pills & Sports Nutrition
    Not too bad here,
    Same old, you know.
    Work,eat,lift, sleep. Repeat.

    Love what you said, 'a secret is as bad as a thousand lies'. I have enjoyed your posts on this thread. You seem very mature for 22.
    how do i send u a private message im new to this
    thanks for being such a big help your awesome!!!!
    thanks a million for all your help!! I dont know if you read the post about my roommate, but he is also going to start his very first cycle in June with my bf, my roommate has been researching roids for about a year and a half now. And he is a bit of a hothead anyways, I know that roid rage is a myth but can steroids cause you to "flip out" easier than normal?
    hello i am the starter of "my bf does steroids" and you seem to have been giving me useful information...

    at first i was getting alot of useful info but now it just seems as if i am being attacked...

    anyways I understand that he will be somewhat emotional and hormonal during sorry to get so personal with you about this but I am living with severe endometriosis, and it can cause me to be extremly irratable at times. I am wondering should I simply stay away from him on those days, do you think it will cause problems or unnessasary stress for him?

    I know it may seem as if I am asking dumb questions or questions that I should be talking with him about, (and believe me I have) but sometimes a third partys unbias opinion can help...

    again sorry if you think this is stupid, i have never dated anyone or even known anyone for that matter that did steroids and I dont want to go into this blind-sided.
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