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  • Hey could you help me out with the proper dosage of my cycle I'm looking to do now that you showed me what to get for my pct! I just need help with we're to get the nolva! Thanks
    hey man could u shoot me a pm i was wondering where you got your nolva and if it was legit and worked. i ordered some from a site and have heard the quality is pretty bad
    Hey man you wrote on my thread concerning my pct for my halotest cycle.
    I recently read the "definitive pct guide" thread (seems pretty bias, since a co. rep wrote it) but it says you should only do 10 mg of Nolva should be used a day. The post kind of makes sense, but I'm not too sure. I wanted to see what someone thought about that.

    thanks for your time
    Appreciate the feedback. I think im gonna hold off on the e-stane. I just ordered 2 bottles of H-Drol instead, heard its better for leaning up and easier for a first time.

    What would you recommend as far as dosing H-Drol for a first time? Should I go past 4 weeks and do 5-6? 50/50/50/75/75/75?

    My PCT thus far is:
    SNS Inhibit E: 2/2/1/1 or 2/2/2/1
    PCT Assist by CEL
    SNS Reduce XT: Dosing? Start in week 1 or 2?
    SNS Liver Assist XT

    Again, appreciate the help.
    Can you possibly give me a good layout for OTC for either of these E-Stane or H-Drol. It would be a first time cycle. I'm 25, 5'9" 188+ lbs. Looking to really lean up not gain too too much weight, shed some bf if possible.
    I currently have E-Stane, PCT Assist by CEL, cycle assist be CEL, Inhibit E by SNS, Liver Assist XT by SNS. Was planning on running the e-stane but just have been reading a lot online and have kinda backed up for a bit, looking for solid advice.

    Any help/guidance would be appreciated.
    hi warbird,

    i saw your post about atd and 6-bromo

    "You can replace Rebound Reloaded with Inhibit E

    I suggest Inihibit E/Reduce XT/Activate Xtreme for a kick ass and affordable NHA stack"

    i know your very knowledgeable so im hoping you can point me in the right direction,

    right now i have 6-bromo by Performance design, Inhibit-E, and TestoPro by anabolic innovations,

    can i stack all 3? and how should i dose them?

    also do you think i would lose hair on this if stacked?

    i appreciate any help
    Can you review my PCT plan in the PCT section?
    hi, i'm new in the forum and i want a advice to you.
    i must start my frist cycle of anabol..i have the 'sus500' 60caps(Active Ingredients:
    Estra-4 9-Diene-3 17-Dione, 13-Ethyl-3-Methoxy-Gona-2, 5(10)-Diene-17-One, 3, 17 Ketoetiochol-Triene, Silymarin Extract, TPGS (Advanced Delivery System), In A Base Of Safflower Oil, Gelatin).
    what PCT must i take for this product?
    what is the most good PCT of iForce Reversitol, A-X Advanced PCT or IBE Formex ,Clomid , Nolvadex , novedex xt ????
    and what liver support?? SNS Liver Assist XT or prfect cycle Anabolic extreme are good?
    thanks a lot. best regards.
    Hey, I think we know each other from BB.com or a vertical jump forum. You still into vert training? I own The Vertical Summit :: Index
    warbird! How ya been? Haven't seen you online at the different forums in a LONG time. So what have you been up to as of late?
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