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  1. In the Mail ....

    I don't feel stimulant effects if a product has 200mg or more of L-Theanine :( but 100mg I do feel :)
  2. In the Mail ....

    This is why I NEVER bought this PW cause of the hefty dose of L-Theanine and I wish companies would realize 100mg is the MAX you need at a full serving of a PW and if it's a 2 scoop then 50mg a scoop to =100mg. I still have QUAKE in my stash and at 1 scoop combined with 1/2 a scoop of other...
  3. What brand of phosphatic acid do you get?

    I've mentioned it before Swanson Vitamins is the BEST place to get the granules and it's 1/2 the price of what Amazon sells it for so that goes to show you Amazon isn't the greatest place to buy supplements.
  4. What's the strongest pre workout product?

    You mention the price of Excelsior in the U.K. but here in the states it's $49.99 and for me that's expensive for a preworkout but when you watch different You Tube reviews on it it's amazing how people comment that they keep buying multiple tubs from different sites hoping to find one that's...
  5. So today's relative unknown "stim"....AmpiBerry. Better than Theacrine?

    I personally have never felt anything from pre's that have Ampiberry in the profile and I know a few other people who would also say the same but that goes to show you how everything effects everyone differently.
  6. The New Product Release Thread

    I keep my protein bars in the fridge also and they fresh that way.
  7. SNS - 12 Weeks of New Releases

    4 caps looks just right for me .;)
  8. Cell Tech actually got better

    Their pre workouts have also improved such as Vapor1 and usually their pre's would say 30 servings but they were really 2 scoop pre's so you only got 15 servings :( but Vapor1 was a true 1 scoop PW and it was pretty good when I reviewed it. :)
  9. InnovaPharm Superior Cissus

    I just looked at the label and it's 6 caps a day so make sure your dosing the 6 caps and the 5% extract looks right for joint tendon health. From certain injuries that I've had in the past I've noticed effects kick in about 3 weeks so continue dosing and try not to aggregate the injury and...
  10. Solo Longjack supp?

    This past Fri made 3 weeks on ND TKA 2% and really nothing to report that was any different from last week and I was gonna bump it up starting tomorrow to 3 caps a day but then I realized that my elbow joints have been feeling a tad sore this past 2 weeks even though I take a ton of joint...
  11. InnovaPharm Superior Cissus

    What are you taking the Cissus for overall joint tendon health or an injury and if and injury what type?
  12. SNS Dynamine Caps - 125 Mg. Per Cap

    I'm a HUGE fan of Teacrine cause I train very early in the a.m. and 100mg works great for me added to certain pre's and though some say it has no effect on them I tested it for a month adding it to different pre's before I reviewed it and I definitely felt the effects so I will be doing the...
  13. Solo Longjack supp?

    That's exactly what I take also for my joints and tendons and I also take Microlactin from Swanson Vitamins.
  14. Solo Longjack supp?

    Will update on Sat when I finish 3weeks.
  15. USA Excelsior for sale

    Smart man if your getting good effects from 1 scoop why go up. Have you tried doing like 1/2 scoop 3gm or slightly less and combining it with other pre's to give the other weaker pre's a better kick? Haven't tried Excelsior yet but if I were to get it that's how I would probably like to dose...