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    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Just here for updates. I assume a run like this would only go on your site @dsade ?
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    Is there anywhere in the world one can find a pre-workout that has the original NO Explode ingredients?

    Damn, that version made you SPRINT to the toilet back in the day.
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    First time ph recommendations

    Is Ultra Eleven "11-OXO" ?
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    Thoughts on MAN VasoJet?

    MAN back in the day. Scorch was the go-to fat burner. Then they rode that same formula for EONS while everyone upped the game.
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    True Shred & BMP

    Impossible to get BMP, which is sad. The only thing I'd be weary of with this stack'll see almost ASAP results from BMP and you'll think it's the 'combo'. I've ran True Shred many of times...which in itself is decent for a recomp/cutting but BMP is GAWD TIER stuff.
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    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Yeah that’s what I thought.
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    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Didn't some stock come in? :)
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    The New Product Release Thread

    Well they all ripped off Super Mario 64, you see.
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    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    I went to try to buy some stock the other day there and you can't add more that 3 BMP to the cart...
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    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    I am ok with them "limiting" the purchase to 2 or 3 bottles or whatever they do, but they are def price gouging on some ebay chit and not like a normal supplement store would do.
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    Olive leaf extract lowers testosterone

    Oof I sure hope not, I've been on OLE for literally 17 years straight. Haven't noticed any issues except for looking younger than my age and killing off bad bacteria and viruses!
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    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    How u know this intel??? haha. I saw that site selling it and they only accept e-checks, I was like "wat."
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    In the Mail ....

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    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Well feel for you dsade, you just make excellent products and we’ve become quite greedy.
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    Optimize-T or M-Test?

    I have run both for long long times, I think I prefer Optimize-T BUT, I'm running 2 bottles of M-Test currently on a change up. Both great.