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  1. What's your go - to?

    I know we like to try different products but what is your good old fairhtful? Tried and tested For bulk - ? For cuting - ? I know many like to fall back to an epiandro or 1andro as its solid, not too many sides etc. but interested to know what you like to do as a solid hormonal boost few times...
  2. Creatine timing?

    yeah thats the brand, i couldnt seem to find many others not with any kind of reviews Im going for 4 caps in one go then!
  3. Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports ?

    Still your go-to?
  4. Naturally low test levels

    Are you on creatine? I find when im not i CBA to get in the Gym I have chronic low test levels (7nmols) but care is bunk int he uk for test I also ran recently AlphaMax Performax Laband it really got my arse into gear, I was a bit of a grump come the end of the bottle but its my got to for...
  5. lets talk acp-105

    true Ill take a look, got a natty stack to try first, even got some prescrbed Orlistat to try (beauty of the health service still following the BMI model.. you can be full o'muscle but 'obese' according to BMI!) by then hopefulyl a few more logs
  6. lets talk acp-105

    or maybe it was my BP through the roof :D
  7. lets talk acp-105

    Ostarine i got nice results from, subtle, veins popping, mrs even asked "are you taking something" it was ostar1ne
  8. Tell Us What You Would Like to See From SNS & CEL (2021 Edition)

    Carb free pre workout/pump product
  9. lets talk acp-105

    OK if noone is able to step up, some studies to start
  10. lets talk acp-105

    So this one offers less sides than ostarine, mild gains too but overall protein synthesis above normal values and 6x potency of test ( all claims) what are the current experiences, sides, research you've found on this and how does it compare to ostarine. what pct?
  11. Alternative to usp max reps?

    apart fromt he price that ghost pump looks on the money!
  12. Female Zero Libido

    Update - I got some high quality Ginko Biloba, ZMA for relaxation and b6 deficiencies in those on birth control and Korean Ginseng. She pounced on me Sunday morning and was a hell of a lot more affectionate at the weekend, soon went downhill when we started eating rubbish high carb food in the...
  13. mk-677 what do we know now?

    Even at 25mg the data shows it isnt THAT much of an increase in sugar. ITs the fastes sugar evels anyway so bedtime isnt really relevant although the supplemets lowering blood sugar are cheap enough
  14. digestive issues while bulking

    Prebiotics (chicory root powder in a drink/coffee) and digestive enzymes will help then for the bloat and gas, peppermint oil 3 liquid caps.
  15. mk-677 what do we know now?

    Ok so the research yesterday gave me the conclusion its still viable but you must cater for the sugar increase sides. The data suggests its not in any level that could cause or be similar to diabetes however caution must be given and steps taken (like on cycle support). To reduce the sugar...