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  1. USA Sold please remove

    You still have this?
  2. 1st cycle of PH: Epiandro with DHEA and arimistane

    ☝🏾I like this proposed cycle layout out of this thread,iam pretty sure OP would be much satisfied with this one also. Satisfactory results with manageable side effects (if any)
  3. First cycle in years

    Bro you're the first person I've ever heard whom can't reach glutes. Please correct me if it was something I missed here. Like mentioned above 25g 1.5 should get the job done

    Which brand 1andro?
  5. Test cyp , dbol, lgd4033 ...

    I'd save the lgd for another time and run the Dbol...Now if you can't handle the Dbol Then switch that out for the Lgd but you don't need to stack both just a waste and more organ stress.
  6. First time for HGH

    @MadStax What about your choice of preferred compounds minus the GH? would one be underwelmed if looking for fat loss,body composition , building muscle basically what we all want.
  7. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

    just a tad off topic real quick,any of you guys members of Boston loyds forum if so is it a **** show or pretty solid?
  8. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

    My man @Hyde why you feel dude is an idiot? Smont said the guys is pretty contradictory which I also find this to be true. And I do think he's all over the place.
  9. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

    What's y'all thoughts on Nick Trigili it seems like he can't be consistent with anything. I think he put out pretty good information also. That guy who has the show that Boston is on everyday said he hates Nick
  10. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

  11. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

  12. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

    His subs will definitely grow he's talking openly about peed usage along with the drama he's trying so desperately to stir perfect combo for audience btw IAM sub to the guy
  13. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

    @theswede He's been doing a lot of clout chasing lately (calling names),but the guy has a work ethic pumping out 1-3 videos daily on training ,diet gear etc..
  14. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

    Ok good thread @Smont far even the gemeli stuff is very entertaining. So its this new bro on YT buddy has about 700 subs and preaches high doses and not 12week cycles he claims they're worthless name Jordan Oakley. Lately he's been going after Gregg Doucette, mpmd,Ryan Russo, bradley...
  15. First Cycle - Sustanon 250 plus 6 weeks D-bol kicker

    👆🏿 definitely agree with previous post above,for a beginner definitely go with cyp or E bro..Sust can very very tricky with the different esters mixed even more for your starting cycle. Then you have dbol on top you could be potentially setting yourself up for a unfavorable situation.