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    Remembering Puccah

    Definitely praying for her family and one day if we all play our cards right we can meet her in heaven.
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Man your out here just killing the game huh!
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    Enhanced Terminates the E!! (Sponsored)

    Man welcome back! Lets see what you got!
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    New Forum Sponsor Supreme Labs USA

    How you guys feel about their cardarine 2.0 vs regular. Anyone compared caps vs liquid yet?
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    John Meadows 2.0 programs

    RIP to John Meadows! Gna really miss that Hi everybody
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    BLR Androgin 8 Week Log

    Heck I will join!
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    ZOO Grows Into The Show (Show Day)

    Guess we got quite the road ahead! Lets go man!
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    In the Mail ....

    Good guesses guys. Idk what on earth it is. Buddy just finished his gym so we’re trying to figure out the extras lol
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    In the Mail ....

    Anyone have a clue what these could be??? Buddy is dying to know as I came for “free”.
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    Supreme Flash Sale

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    Best non stim / stim non hormonal fat burner

    Welcome back man!
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    My Voyage to Mightiness!

    Man welcome back!
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    SNS Energized Aminos

    Thats a negative Ghostrider :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Those cookies look good man!
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    What ever happened to Omega Burn24?

    Burn24 was the best GDA hands down point blank period. Recompadrol was def my 2nd choice.