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    last post before vacation....bye bye :)
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    Donald Trump running for president

    you boys behave yourself--i've got to be up at 5, leaving for aruba tomorrow. bye bye :)
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    Songs you want to play loud in the gym!

    lol...the best live version of victim of changes....funny how so many great live albums were made in japan.
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    Donald Trump running for president

    but i can 100% believe that obama is the one making the decisions behind the scenes, and biden is so addled with mental illness that he is the perfect puppet.....i honestly believe that obama is perfectly content with the mess he started and his democrat comrades have made of this country...
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    Donald Trump running for president

    the whole idea of a democracy is the electing of leaders...if anyone thinks that biden is actually in charge they really do believe in the easter bunny--it is obvious that un-elected 'HANDLERS' in the WH are actually in charge and this goes against the very priniciples of a democracy, or our...
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    Haven't used PH's in over a decade what's out there now a days

    lol...congress would have come to their senses--thanks for the laugh :ROFLMAO:
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    Donald Trump running for president

    quote of the day by former bush speech writer marc thiessen--'the united nations is powerless to punish russia because nearly half of it's security council's permanent membership-the states with veto power-are complicit in crimes against humanity'...that sums up the state of the world pretty...
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    Which is more androgenic - epiandrosterone or androsterone?

    so the stories of immediate growth after applying epichaos to dick are false? :ROFLMAO:
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    My first ever log, getting Ultra Hard with the help of Iconic Formulations

    true...i feel very blessed to have the means and the health to enjoy being retired!!! :love: GOD has been very good to me:)
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    Donald Trump running for president

    starring linda loveduck as the deep throated mallard....
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    Donald Trump running for president

    are you sure you don't just identify as a 'QUACK'... :p:ROFLMAO:😊:love:
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    ok, anyone seen robert mueller? i think it should be obvious where mueller is---the same place where biden SHOULD be!!!
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    Donald Trump running for president

    i think you would consider voting for daffy duck--or maybe you just identify as a duck :love: define duck:giggle:
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    Donald Trump running for president

    yeah, but there is no difference between democrats and republicans-right? geez, man i bet you are laughing your ass off typing this crap, lol. :love:
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    What is your secret weapon for fatloss? (besides diet)

    i have empathy, i would be lost without my wife...i pray for her quick recovery from surgery and that she stays healthy. stay strong!!!