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    In the Mail ....

    Salty Peanut butter replicates Jeni's ice cream flavor "Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Flecks" It is a peanut butter and chocolate hybrid
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    In the Mail ....

    BEAM Whey Protein Chocolate Fudge & Salty Peanut Butter Taste Salty Peanut Butter – This is a flavor that resembles Salty Peanut Butter and Chocolate Flecks from Jeni’s Ice Cream. Don’t get me wrong, when you compare actual ice cream to a low-calorie protein isolate it is...
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    The New Product Release Thread

    BEAM Whey Protein Review
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    In the Mail ....

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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Agree 100%. The diet should be the staple, supplements are that "A supplement" They play such a small factor to the grand scheme of things. You could of saved a lot of money towards your essentials IMO The fixture is not supplements its this --- "and looking to control the cravings/snacks I've...
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    I will note this I have run 3-4 bottles of Glycoshield and 3 bottles of Glucosatrol. I have found my BG to respond better to Glucosatrol. Needless to say, this is why I suggest you monitor your Blood Glucose because this will be subjective from person to person, what you respond to, and what...
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    Well if you want to take it with a smaller carb meal you could do 3 caps. The best thing to do is measure your BG and adjust based on how you feel and how you react to the product. Ill take a full 6 for around 75-100g of carbs 3 for 25-50g of carbs
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    Glucasatrol by KetoShop This is a forum favorite any questions and @DieselNY could help you out. His entire product line is stellar and I have become a huge fan of it.
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    Best supplement review site?

    Garbage They rank protein powders that are spiked and don't meet label claims over companies that have 3rd party testing. Would not trust a word they say. First, Labdoor publishes none of the actual test result documents or the specific...
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    The Unofficial Ice Cream thread

    Graeters Bonus flavor for the next 2 weeks Peanut Butter & Jelly
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    2020 NFL Draft & Season Chat Thread

    Jeremy Hill tweets he's signed with Las Vegas Raiders Lions WR Geronimo Allison opting out of season Matt LaCosse now eighth Patriot to opt out
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    favorite artists to listen to while lifting

    Some new bangers coming soon Aug: 5 Crystal Lake - The Voyages 7 In Hearts Wake - Kaliyuga 7 Avatar - Hunter Gatherer 7 Throw The Fight - Settle Your Sins 8 Fall of Troy - Mukiltearth Sept: 18 Fit For A King - The Path
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    2020 NFL Draft & Season Chat Thread

    Lions place QB Matthew Stafford on reserve/COVID-19 list Jets LB C.J. Mosley opts out of 2020 season Marqise Lee becomes 7th Patriots player to opt out of 2020 season
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    2020 NFL Draft & Season Chat Thread

    Free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown has received an eight-game suspension without pay for multiple violations of the NFL's personal conduct policy, the league announced Friday.
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    ON gold standard protein anything better?

    You should be seeing a nice deal on Rule 1 in the near future Rule 1 Iso and whey blend will be around $20/2lb tub or $40/5lb