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    Msten and pale stool

    Pale stools should be a major concern and should be medically evaluated if for several weeks
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    Msten and pale stool

    Consider your gut microbiome Suggest getting thyrve stool test for further analysis
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    Thyroid adrenal relationship

    Article I wrote: The thyroid and adrenals have an intricate and complex relationship. In Traditional medicine, adrenal issues are black or white not gray. There is adrenal insufficiency known as Addison's Disease or Cushing's Syndrome. Often times, we see people administered thyroid medications...
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    Does taking hcg solo lower your LH?

    YEP ...
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    Fake Test from Big Pharmacies

    I seen levels drop when there is excessive stress and it’s being converted through aromatase pathway. Despite same dosage give with no other variable to address
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    SHBG more important than previously thought

    Has to do with the gut biome and biliary system driving liver malfunction causing the elevated shbg. Since working from these 2 angles we have seen lowering of shbg in some cases. Currently we are in process of using the latest biome testing combined with gene expressions to look at these...
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    Stopped my hydrocortisone / adrenal treatment

    Address the problem causing the low cortisol in the first place.. If you goto the well too many times you are going to get burnt eventually
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    Male hormones to check?

    Lack of sunlight and altered circaden pattern might have a huge factors ya think This has been shown to lower t3 in thyroid ..
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    What meds determine the impact it has on HPTA I have been looking at the pharmacokinetics of psych drugs for past sever months. Some of them actually cause adrenal suppression especially Seroquel is the worst. With many open minded psychiatrist we are not tracking the effects of these drugs on...
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    Stopped my hydrocortisone / adrenal treatment

    Yes there is a lot of misinformation out there. I have been research gene expression and gut biome in its relation to endocrine and the immune system. It’s freaken insane and mind blowing when you get down to the deeper pathways associate with KEGG and glycans. The stuff medical researcher are...
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    Stopped my hydrocortisone / adrenal treatment

    Yes and at the time it may have been needed. My whole philosophy of adrenals has changed considerable over the years. With in past 5 years not one doctor’s mutual case needed it. What we have learned about Metabolic pathways, gene expression and the gut biome exceeds traditional medicine by 30...
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    Non-Hormonal Hair Regrowth?

    Not the Darth Vader’s ones, just redlight therapy it self lol
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    Stopped my hydrocortisone / adrenal treatment

    So many people have been on HC from the nonsense of the internet and have been brain washed to think they will be on it for life. Once the stress has past then body can regulates on its own. Remember there is a honey moon effect and 4 weeks can come back around to smack people in the face. My...
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    Oral BPC-157

    It caused a huge histamine response and immune upregulation in myself and several others
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    Time frame to reduce SHBG & feel normal again?

    Due to gene expression you may not be converting methylb12 to adeno b12. Look at your MCV if it’s 90 or greater then you need to use the proper b12. I see this all the time with doctors who do not have a freaken clue about genetic expression and what they mean. Too much b12 can lower...