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    Transdermal Superdrol, anybody tried?

    Going to log it here?
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    Supreme Labs Gw501516 Log

    Do you think you have had a noticeable difference between 20 vs 30 mg?
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    Unanswered Matthersby log: Old man on a mission

    Congrats! Being that lean and taking 5th place, it must've been a tough line up! Also, how tall are you? You absolutely dwarf your trainer.
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that I'm still here. Here's an update from pre- (on left) and post-injury (on right) comeback. Weighed on left at 174.0#, 16.3% BF. Weighed in at 178.7#, 16.9% BF on the right. Feel like I look leaner even though I went up in weight, but I think my...
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    Vicious Labs/Gainbusters 25% Off Quarantine Sale (Indefinite)

    Discount code no longer valid? Any other discount codes around?
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    Kat and Puccah's Strong is the new sexy log

    Where was this?
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    In the Mail ....

    Here's a compilation of my most recent orders... showing support to some of the sponsors on here!
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    The New Product Release Thread

    @ZOO is at it again!
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    Vector and k1ngs blood stack?

    I'll be honest, I know Bob from the boards and I've met him in person and this doesn't sound like him. He'll definitely pull no punches when it comes to reviewing a product if he thinks it doesn't work, but I've never seen him outright bash a company like the screenshot above. Something doesn't...
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    Kat and Puccah's Strong is the new sexy log

    The fattening kind, lol.
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    Kat and Puccah's Strong is the new sexy log

    Looks great Kat, coincidentally I too had cheesecake this evening!
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    How do I get what I ordered?

    Just popping in here to say that I got the rest of my goodies in the mail today. Thanks @love2liftkat for helping me get squared away with the big man!
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    Gainbusters! Launch, Updates, and Sales

    Ended up getting berry punch. Along with some Gain Green and Special Forces! 25% off and free shipping helped seal the deal.
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    Q&A for KINGSBLOOD - 2020

    Purely trying to help out here: just went on strong on my mobile, searched for it, shows it's not available.
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    Gainbusters! Launch, Updates, and Sales

    I'm debating between peach mango and berry punch... I'm already using a peach flavored pre right now, so I'm inclined to switch flavors, but I keep hearing the positive reviews of this one.