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    Unanswered DHT for Deca dick?

    Proviron, caber, and cialis is the holy trinity of making your dick hard.
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    Unanswered When to pull the plug

    A hernia is definitely worthy of getting checked.
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    Witch’s Log

    One thing, when I was cleaning out, I had started having heavy heart side effects. Once the gear was out and it was just high test I was fine.
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    Witch’s Log

    I stopped weighing myself, soon I will increase calories again and get on a strict eating schedule to gain as much lean mass as I can manage. This is new for me, test and methamphetamine on a long run... no doubt it will harm my heart. I honestly don’t care, at this point, about one harmful cycle.
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    Witch’s Log

    Hope your superdrol isn’t some bullshit. I’m about ready to rock some myself, from the guy I get my test from. Speaking of, things are great. Weight isn’t back up but in getting leaner for sure. I need to eat more. A lot of stimulants, just smoked about 250mg. I also treated myself to a couple...
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    Unanswered Redness and lumps after subq hcg injections

    Yeah it’s just part of what happens when the depot is in the fat. I’ve suggested subq injects to people only to have them attempt large volume sub q. You can’t do large volume. It needs to be small, under half a ml.
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    Unanswered When to pull the plug

    Upper chest growth is a great sign. I drop any compound that gives me sides that either scare me or make me feel uncomfortable for long enough to want to stop or scare me... for instance, recently I couldn’t get rid of the ED I got from dhb. Nothing worked. So I stopped everything for a few...
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    Unanswered Odd pains

    If your heart is not comfortable on what you’re doing, definitely have that checked out fully. You could have a clot or some plaque buildup in an important place, a ventricle could be thickened... lots of things could be very wrong and you end up dead at a young age, younger than I am for sure...
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    Answered Medfit RX Silverback

    I fully support the use of m1a at 60mg. Even 75mg for the last week... oh yes. It is a glorious thing. If you want to gain weight with a substance legal to possess... m1A is the best.
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    Answered GH/Peptides: at what dose is Prami/Caber a necessity?

    I get wicked ED, Deca dick, rather, after just a day of mk677. Gets hard, feels kind of off, when you go to shoot it just goes soft and you lose the good feeling, no orgasm. Worst **** ever, went through my teens like that before ever using gear.
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    Answered Medfit RX Silverback

    I think this looks like a great, very strong oral for a kickstart or whatever you want really. Bulk would work best.
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    Unanswered Proposed recomp cycle

    Hit the Var for 8 weeks and the winny for the last 4 stacked with the Var. Add a stimulant appetite suppressant of some kind for the last two to four weeks, phentermine, phenylethylamine with hordenine, amphetamines, clenbuterol, yohimbine, something like that. Just not more than one, IMO...
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    Unanswered Thoughts on methods of cruising

    My basic cruise setup is really just 250mg a week and that’s enough for anyone to maintain a huge frame. Build one...not so much.
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    Witch’s Log

    Getting back into my routine, after much upheaval, is proving more difficult than I had anticipated. I lose track of time too easily. I need to set alarms and reminders for everything.
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    Witch’s Log

    Never let another man touch your car. I was a tire tech once upon a time... long story short, I bought some tires on rims for 250 and they were nice. I let some guy put them on because I was too pissed off to deal with it. Three weeks later or so and my front passenger wheel has three studs...