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    Answered Transdermal application (Androhard)

    The impression that I am under is that once it’s absorbed into the first layer of the skin (or once it’s dried) you are good. I wouldn’t shower right after it dries but after the gym is fine. I work out in the AM, shower, then go to work. I have successfully used transdermal products putting...
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    8% BF and no abs...

    Good comment about visible abs, I was thinking 6 pack for some reason. Without seeing a picture I can only offer reckless speculation. I am not calling out or judging others advice at all!! I just don’t think we have the information we need to generate our answers. I can throw out some ideas...
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    8% BF and no abs...

    Not the answer anyone wants to hear but genetics. Look at some professional competitors and the difference in their abs. Some, even when competition lean, don’t have that washboard 6 pack but rather more of a 4 pack look. Compare a few semi pro level competitors and look at the visual difference...
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    Osta and low cal diet results

    I will add.. I know how hard it is, after all the hard work and great progress, not to flex in the after pic ��. Many of us judge BF by abs. A lot more goes into it. How much muscle is in your legs for example. I would guess 13%
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    Osta and low cal diet results

    Great work! Next time don’t flex in the after pic. It will show a more accurate picture of the change. There are before/after comparisons which are basically unflexed vs flexed to show the difference flexing can make (intended to warn people about diet pill advertising tricks). Flexing &...
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    Weight fluctuation?

    I fluctuate 5-10 lbs between morning and end of the day. After a night with a few drinks I’ll be 2-5 lbs lighter and look leaner. It’s completely normal.
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    Hollywood transformations

    They have meals cooked for them with macros perfectly brown down. The chef and nutritional coach do the work. Coaches for every aspect of the journey, dedicated solely to the 1 person and available 24/7 (my guess). Steroids in some cases = yes All day every day leading up to the role is...
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    IGF-2 by app nut Discountinued

    Rpm was/is my favorite supplement ever. Don’t change a thing. No 2.0 or “better version” BS. I see AppJeff kept sneaking “one” aka The One in there. Just calling that out... Long story short, bring RPM back with no upgrades... new fancy ingredients may sell products but effectiveness keeps...
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    Question for Adderall users

    My doctor has told me to take it with food to increase effectiveness. I used to take it with orange juice and she told me that was reducing the efficiency. Personally I feel it lasts longer when taken with fats. I don’t necessarily notice more of a kick. I sometimes feel an energy rush from a...
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    Question for Adderall users

    Per my doctor: - Acidic foods will reduce the effectiveness. - Take with food will make it more effective (I think fats help). Same concept as tums discussed earlier. Per my experiences - frontload (example earlier 40/20 vs 30/30). 2nd dose is a kicker. There is already some in the blood...
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    Looking to lose some fat.

    I have dropped from 20+% to single digits without any traditional cardio. Circuit training being the closest thing to cardio. I know it's annoying to hear "diet" as an answer and on this forum I think it's over used but that's because the question keeps coming up. It's repeated so frequently...
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    Just finished x gels

    I'll probably get some hate for this but what about taking just the basics and seeing how much progress you can make that way? When was the last time you logged just the basics? X factor, RPM, and activate extreme (old) was my favorite stack ever. Just to show where I am coming from. There...
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    Weight loss issue

    Leg day = open the flood gates! Put that cheat meal to work building muscle. More muscle = more daily resting calorie expenditure. It was also my only chance to be able to walk again that week?