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  1. SNS & CEL July 4th Sale - 30% Off

    Unfortunately the products I'm after (Vasoforce XT, KannaEase, Stress & Anxiety, certain Focus XT flavors) are all OOS. :(

    @Tunaking14 - what do you feel the Triton adds on top of Ursa Major?
  3. P1N pre phase

    I bought up a few tubs of Pre-Phase prior to the formula change (was it last year?) - the ones I have contain the "English Walnut". My unopened tubs haven't clumped up yet. In terms of effect - it's one of our favourites - easier to get down than Mesomorph v4 (or v3) (i.e., much better tasting)...
  4. Steve (sns8778)

    Damn, this makes me sad. Like so many others - Steve's helped me out on a couple of occasions, and for me, his input on the forum was often invaluable. And I truly feel for his daughter as well - must be tough times. Very sad. With best wishes to Steve and family. Donated.
  5. It's been a minute.

    If the Covid symptoms include breathlessness - you might give cordyceps a try (MST, Peak02, etc.) - my wife found those, plus Focus XT (for her fuzzy brain and lack of motivation) to be a big help with lingering Covid effects.
  6. SNS/CEL Valentines Day Sale

    @sns8778 Here's the post mentioning the peach: Looking forward to when it arrives. . .
  7. SNS/CEL Valentines Day Sale

    @sns8778 When are we likely to see the peach flavor Focus XT (was it non-stim?)?
  8. Stim preworkout product suggestions

    Mesomorph v4 - I really struggle to down Rocket Pop. Tutti Fruiti was slightly easier to drink. I'm using Grape at the moment - while not great, I find it easier than either of those.
  9. Growth Factor XT?

    For enhanced awareness of dreams - simple B6 can give a real boost, taken a bit before bedtime. It doesn't tend to trigger lucid dreaming though.
  10. Ninja Limitless - Non Stim Nootropic

    Dynamine, Teacrine, Zynamite - maybe there's another version that's non-stim?
  11. What's Your Toughts On Kratom?

    How do you guys get the kratom down? Blate papes? Mix into something? Drop it on the tongue and throw in a bunch of water?
  12. SNS & CEL New Years Sale - 30% Off + More

    I don't know - I thought I read at one point that many of the shipping approaches that bundled VAT into the shipping cost had an upper cost limit of some sort - I've just been using roughly £160 for myself. (I think I came across this when shipping from iHerb and Vitacost) In terms of the max...
  13. SNS & CEL New Years Sale - 30% Off + More

    My last 6 or so shipments from the US to the UK, using USPS First Class Mail International - I've not been hit with any VAT/customs charges (for packages from SNS, Apex Alchemy, MST). I paid the shipping cost itself and that was it, as though VAT was taken out of the shipping cost. (not quite...
  14. APEX-ALCHEMY New Year's Site-Wide BOGO FREE Sale!!!

    Thanks for confirming. I'll go ahead with the 2 Helios order.
  15. APEX-ALCHEMY New Year's Site-Wide BOGO FREE Sale!!!

    With the BOGO - if I add 2 Helios and 2 Resveros to the Cart - the free bottles show up as both Resveros ($29.99 each) rather than one Helios ($59.99) and one Resveros ($29.99). If I lived in the US I'd likely place two orders since shipping costs would be low, to separate the products out - but...