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  1. Wife Has COVID-19

    99.1% survival rate without vaccine, 99 1% survival rate with vaccine. Of course those are all age and health levels combined. Old or underlying health conditions you should take the vaccine, 50 and younger with no health issues there is no reason to get the vaccine. This is all science...
  2. USA Up for trade

  3. USA Up for trade

    Bump. Give couple more days and then will take down. Really enjoying myosynergy, just not sustainable for me given the price point. Was looking to trade it for 2 bottles of something. Fair priced of course.
  4. Supply Chain Update -- Not looking good.

    At the end of the day if prices soar maybe people will focus more on nutrition and routines and reap better results. I'm a guilty supplement junkie also, lol.
  5. Supply Chain Update -- Not looking good.

    Not seeing much difference in whey prices or availability of creatine.
  6. USA Up for trade

    For trade for my Myosynergy
  7. USA Up for trade

    Looking for 2 Anacyclus XT
  8. Vaccinate your kids?

    Again who knows but the medical professionals I know say they would rather kids catch now than later in life. But hearing kids sick in the news sure is a headline grabber and scary.
  9. Vaccinate your kids?

    Just to throw another opinion out there. As a teacher here- all of our Dr. and nurse parents don't have their kids wearing masks at school, opted out. K-8 students.
  10. Logging Opportunity - NEW Hard Rock Supplement

    Not interested but agree great to see a fantastic logging opportunity!
  11. SNS Anacyclus XT - Now Available

    Excited to give this a try. If I could just buy it without the wife seeing, lol.
  12. Wife Has COVID-19

    Of course. Was just saying you know it's covid why test unless you need a positive test for something.
  13. Anyone have experience with SR9011?

    Quick research and read sounds great! Have not looked to deep, are they saying oral is absorbed? Also haven't looked up prices.
  14. USA Up for trade

    Unopened Myosynergy for bottle.