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    Anabolic memes

    These are awesome!! That Christmas primo one is hilarious!!
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    Iconic Formulations ThermoAmp logging op

    This isn't usually a cutting season for me, but it's hard not to start mine when it comes in! My work schedule will be keeping me out of the gym until probably mid November..
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    7 keto transdermal question?

    I think I logged that combo a few years ago as well. Definitely a powerful fat burning attack!
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    Valiant "Iconic Formulations Ultra Hard" Log

    You've packed on some size!!
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    Mixing BPC 157

    Also, insulin syringes work best.
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    Mixing BPC 157

    Like @ValiantThor08 said, 1 5mg vial will not last very long, and therefore, you probably won't experience any relief or other benefits. My advice would be to purchase a few more vials, and if your finances allow, also get some tb-500 to run alongside the BPC for even better healing properties.
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    Yoga pants for Procycle starts Now!

    Oldie but goodie!! This picture has been around for years now and still never gets old. One of my favorite internet pics ever!!
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    Shoulder pain/headaches

    I really need to get to the sporting goods store and get a baseball and back up to my brick wall and roll it. Again, my posture is great. Shoulders always up & back. Lower back with a slight arch in it. Hands resting, tend to face somewhat out - the tops of my hands facing backwards. I know...
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    My 2020 journey Math33

    Looks like this is treating you well!!
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    Want free BLR product?

    Cool opportunity here!!
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    Shoulder pain/headaches

    I love face pulls!! I always use the rope. I'll try it with a bar and face up next time.
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    vAliant Anabolic Androgenic Archive: TD Superdrol and DMZ

    Dude, you're looking great!! Pecs are filling out!!
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    Shoulder pain/headaches

    A couple things I forgot to mention. I'm 48 years old and have never stopped being active, except for maybe a week here and there.. I don't like taking pain pills. I have a great chiropractor that has done cupping, needling, and adjusting here and there for different areas of my back. I...
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    Shoulder pain/headaches

    Interesting.. We just went into phase 3 with covid. Not sure where to find a place that will put that many needles in me. Lol. My chiropractor has done it a few times in other areas. (I'm all broke down, lol)
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    Shoulder pain/headaches

    The old Marine in me still has me with great posture. People actually still comment on it. The stretch you mentioned - pulling my head down in the opposite direction- actually does provide some relief. Especially when the headache is throbbing!