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    Unanswered How shoukd I take RAD-140?

    I think you're better off getting another bottle or two and running 2-3/day for longer if you want to get some decent results out of this. But I guess that could depend on what you have for experience with compounds like this.
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    favorite artists to listen to while lifting

    Putting this one on lately for a little help with my last set. Nothing new, but never gets old \m/
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    Good Seller/ Bad Seller Feedback

    Another shout out going to @LGTWHIT . I've done a couple transactions with him and he has been very fast to answer messages and to ship products out. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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    Unanswered When does MK677 kick in?

    I was noticeably hungrier the very next day after taking my first dose the night before, and that was at 12.5mg. It got progressively intense over the next couple of weeks and seems to have tapered back down a little bit by now. That first week though I almost quit taking it because not only was...
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    3 Andro?

    It's supposed to be a pretty dry lean bulker and decent for strength. Haven't tried it but there are logs out there for enhanced formulations 3-alpha and Olympus labs super 3-ad. So check those out and see what others got from it.
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    Rad 140 Cycle, Good brands?

    Premier Research Essentials has excellent Rad. I would say a bit more potent/dosed than MA research. They also just came out with caps, so that may be an even cheaper option.
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    Generation Iron - Enhanced Athlete Documentary Stream

    It's on Amazon prime video I saw it there last night. I will probably buy it this weekend but I think it was 14.99 if I remember right. Sometimes you can rent the movie for a day or two for around 2.99 but I didn't see that option yet.
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    Anabolics worth while when only training twice a week

    If you want results bad enough to jump on a cycle of anything, then you will make the time to work out more. It doesn't have to be a 2 hour gym session, but you will find the time to get it in.
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    Strength training

    I do this every once in a while with the Bill Starr 5x5. I get bored with the workouts after a few weeks but the strength gains have always been amazing with this training. Plus being competitive by nature, having a set weight and reps that you NEED to hit each week really makes sure you give it...
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    Squatting with neck injury.

    Low bar back squats. I don't see there being a problem if it is actually cervical rather than thoracic. You will be leaning forward more than you would with a front squat, so as long as it's only due to the pressure of the bar and not the motion itself I would think you will be ok. They also...
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    Try some sarms or go with the basics

    That seems like a rather high dose of YK compared to the others in there. Looking at this, it seems better used as a PWO to me. What is the product called?
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    Deload Nutrition Question

    I've been deloading this week as well. Diet has been exactly the same and I believe that's the best route. Also my deload is much less weight AND volume than normal. I'm using it mostly to recover, so I want to get the calories in to ensure that's what I'm doing.
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    Anabolicum with Test

    Anabolicum is LGD-4033. The only time I've seen it called that is from Sarmsx but I'm pretty sure they closed down long ago.
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    Board Sponsors that sell SERMS/AIs ?

    +1 on MA research chems. Great prices too.
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    How do you cook your meats?

    It has more to do with the heat at which the food is cooked at. The chemicals are more abundant in meats but it does not have to be meat, it can be any food. The worst are the blackened/charred parts which normally you would get more from grilling on high heat. Even toast from a toaster has been...