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    came across a bunch of pf's..whats th strongest one out or hard to snag?

    just curious whats a list of some hard to find ph's
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    USA mri no2 red??.

    Yes does anyone have any mri no2 red extreme laying around for sale or trade. That and possibly some og hi tech off the chain? I have tons to trade
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    USA anyone..something new/different??

    Anyone have a cutting PH stack or single supp available?
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    geranium oil?

    Is geranium oil the same as 1,3? As in hemo shock preworkout?
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    USA muscletest/erosin/e-control?

    just a request from a dear is what it is ,,just in a tough place and placebo or not it would do wonders. No biggie sorry about the inquiry.
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    USA muscletest/erosin/e-control?

    Does anyone have some or all of these laying around? Primeval Erosion, American Metabolix Muscletest and/or Iron Mag Labs E control?? 3 of each if possible. Greatly appreciated and for a good cause.P.M. me for details, thanks yall
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    Unanswered off topic

    Sorry if this in the wrong section but opinions on the best fitting bodybuilding t shirts...M&S,, monsta etc
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    Unanswered What happened to Nuraplanet??

    They where on a week ago solid? i dont understand.
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    Unanswered What happened to Nuraplanet??

    well where is the inventory? Ill take it all!
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    Unanswered What happened to Nuraplanet??

    The entire site is almost empty..
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    USA decabolioste plex around?

    Anyone have 3 bottles of hi tech decabolin or osta-plex collecting dust that the may want to sell or trade?
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    USA Superdrol??

    A few but ive had too many shady transactions through ebay in the past. Thank you for the input though.
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    USA Superdrol??

    Anyone have a hitech superdrol for sale or trade??
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    USA hi-tech??

    Hi tech 1 test and a cycle guard wanted?? any ideas?
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    USA Cycle supports FS/FT

    40 bucks shipped? for 2??