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    John Meadows 2.0 programs

    For those of you that have ran any of John's programs, I am looking for some input. I would like to change up my routine. I deloaded this week and have been wanting to give one of his programs a try, so I figured this would be a good opportunity. The training style I am coming from and like is...
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    Interim Work Out Drink

    Me too, HBCD is your friend in that scenario
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    Lemon cookie whey protein?

    Not to derail, but if you like lemon cookies, pick these up if you have a TJ by you. It will be hard to not eat them all in one sitting
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    Liver & kidney support, Liv 51 alternative

    CEL Cycle Assist You can add TUDCA for extra support
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    Apex Alchemy Dienolone Log *Sponsored*

    Thanks everyone. My lungs feel better today, but I know if I go and squat heavy, I will probably be back a square one. Maybe next week I'll start light and then re-continue the log a week or two after that. Made my purchase, I cannot wait to continue to log. Even with feeling crappy, I was...
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    Apex Alchemy Dienolone Log *Sponsored*

    Sorry for not posting for a long time. Last Thursday and Friday, I was going to make that post on Saturday, but I had zero energy. On Sunday, I was hospitalized. If you look back to the first post of the log, I stated how I felt myself wheezing during squats. This was going on throughout the...
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    Apex Alchemy Dienolone Log *Sponsored*

    Tuesday, October 6, 2020 Very good arm workout. I really focused on getting one hard set per exercise versus straight sets. This is the first time I have done that for arms. My triceps are not overly sore today, which is good. usually they are sore right up til Friday, which makes me think they...
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    TheVenom's Dienogen Log (Sponsored by Apex Alchemy)

    In on this!
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    Apex Alchemy Dienolone Log *Sponsored*

    Monday, October 5, 2020 Great training session and the weights felt pretty light. My program called for a top set of 5 reps on the standing military press. I hate when I can make the weights a nice even amount (25 pound plate instead of 2 10s and a 2.5) so I decided to go up to 185 instead...
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    Apex Alchemy Dienolone Log *Sponsored*

    Thanks guys. The wife and I decided to go out next Sunday to celebrate since we both have the Monday after work. Cheat meal will be after leg day next week!
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    Apex Alchemy Dienolone Log *Sponsored*

    Sunday, October 4, 2020 Weight - 200.8 Happy birthday to me, this starts my 32nd year on the earth. Weight was down 1.8 pounds from the previous week, which explains the increase in hunger. I can't believe how quickly that kicked in. I am going to increase calories by 75 cals each day. I...
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    Apex Alchemy Dienolone Log *Sponsored*

    I will get yesterday's session up a little later today. However, I would like to give my thoughts one week in. This stuff is pretty potent and kicks in quick. Libido is higher, energy is a little better than normal, and strength seems to be getting better already. I am hungry all the time...
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    Looking for a Good Intra EAA/BCAA Supplement Please.

    Synthegen looks very good. I am also interested in others lists. Many products are just BCAA sprinkled with EAA. On the note of Gatorade powder, I hate the stuff. I use Super Carb intra with my EAA. I have tried Gatorade, but I get a huge, quick rush of energy and then crash. It happens with...
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    Apex Alchemy Dienolone Log *Sponsored*

    Saturday, October 3, 2020 Off day today with 45 minutes of fasted cardio in the AM. I use the eliptical and do consume EAAs before my session. I meal prepped for the week, ran to the grocery stores, and worked in the front yard. Usually I am dead by this time on a Saturday, but I have some...
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    Apex Alchemy Dienolone Log *Sponsored*

    Friday, October 2, 2020 Hunger was crazy high yesterday. Even after I got done eating, I wanted to eat again. The workout was surprisingly good. When I was doing my warmup sets for my top set of bench, everything felt off. But once things got going, the workout was great. My chest is crazy...