Jas's Strongman Training log

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  1. Jas's Strongman Training log

    I'm training for a NAS strongman contest in December with the following events:

    1. 225 lb atlas stone loads to 48" platform for reps in 60 seconds (must unload each one yourself)
    2. 405 lb squats down to a box for reps in 60 seconds
    3. 445 lb deadlift for reps in 60 seconds
    4. log press for 1RM
    5. 275 lb farmer's hold for time

    I'll be competing at LW (under 231) and training natty. It should be a pretty big event with solid competition since everyone that competes had to qualify. There may be around 12-15 LW.

    Contest History: I've done two, one in July and one in August.

    Current BW: 217.0

    As for strongman equipment, most of my log pressing will be done on a wooden log with a 12 in diameter. Tire flips will be with a ~540 lb tire.


    I'll generally only include working sets and not warmups.

    log clean and press (each rep)
    225 -4 +1 clean
    225 - 4

    atlas stone loads to ~48'' in 90s - alternating between 185 and 230 stones
    10 loads
    - failed on a 230 in there so I had 6 with the 185 and 4 with the 230.

    Farmer's walk - had to abort early with sharp lower back pain and call it a day.

  2. Tues.
    weight : 218

    squats to a box about 15-16'' high :
    355 -5
    385 -3
    405 -4

    upper back work
    core work

    I think I had more in me at 405, but my back is still a little tender so I didn't push it much on any set today. I plan to make sure the box is at 15'' next week and maybe I'll even work for 14'' eventually to be safe.

  3. Wed.


    275 -5
    295 -4
    315 -2 and 1 forced

    Standing military
    205 - 2 x 2

    BW + 135 - 8
    BW + 160 - 4
    BW + 180 - 3

    shoulder assist

    I haven't done incline or dips for a while, but they're not in too bad of shape. My standing military numbers were disappointing, but it was probably the inclines before that sapped my energy.

  4. Thurs.

    BW: 217.3

    415 - 13 in 47 s

    grip work
    115 on one end of a barbell and hold the thick outer part for as long as possible

    125 same thing
    left - 25s
    right - 25s

    light hang cleans for max speed
    185 - 3x3

    core work

    I'm very happy with my deadlift set. It's touch n go at the contest so that's what I was doing. I never set it down just held it at the top to catch my breath between later reps.

    My plan is to do heavy triples every other week and a high rep set in between those weeks. Today I did 415 so next high rep set I'll do 425, then 435, 445 and hopefully keep my reps around 12+.

  5. I'll be following closely. I need to start doing this sh*t.

  6. Cool. You should start a log (then I'll try to beat your numbers every week...but probably fail). I almost called it Jas's Depravity Log : Emoticonfest 2007.

  7. good luck bro
    i dunno much abt strongman so i'll try to learn somethin here

  8. I'm jumping on board also
    Those are some great number jas best of luck to you
    my buddy trains for local comps he has a 180lb atlas stone.
    I play around with it man that thing eats up my forearms just on a few reps shouldering, I cant imagine 225 for sixty you have my respect.

  9. Thanks guys.

    Brass, I hear you on the atlas stones tearing up the forearms. I couldn't believe it the first time I did it. I was training with a pro strongman and he had a 235, 265, 290, 330, 385 with about a 52''+ platform. He put loads of tacky on my arms and it just ripped every piece of hair off as well as a ton of skin. I can't use tacky for the contest so I've been training without it. Forearm pain aside, I love the stones. They really are the ultimate strongman event.

  10. What kind of supps are you taking? I wish I had a place to train strongman. The only one I know of is about 45 minutes away and they are some hardcore rednecks. I feel as if I don't watch my back properly I'll end up in some Pulp Fiction type situation, with a gag ball and all. I go to a creek that has a nice selection of rocks, of course they're odd shaped, not round. Lots of people walk their dogs back there, and they are not a fan of me lifting these stones. I tell them I'm just working out, and they look at me as if I just buried a few body's. I may end up taking the gamble of working out with the rednecks, they have a lot of equipment.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Alexander View Post
    What kind of supps are you taking? I wish I had a place to train strongman. The only one I know of is about 45 minutes away and they are some hardcore rednecks. I feel as if I don't watch my back properly I'll end up in some Pulp Fiction type situation, with a gag ball and all. I go to a creek that has a nice selection of rocks, of course they're odd shaped, not round. Lots of people walk there dogs back their, and they are not a fan of me lifting these stones. I tell them I'm just working out, and they look at me as if I just buried a few body's. I may end up taking the gamble of working out with the rednecks, they have a lot of equipment.
    Besides the usual (whey, multi, fish oil), CLout and I thought I'd try some bulk L-tyrosine since it's so cheap. Clout always puts a few pounds on me and helps a little with strength. I think I'm going to try RPM or bulk iicarin when I run out of Clout. I haven't researched them too much though. Let me know if you (or anyone viewing) have an opinion.

    I hope you don't end up (it begins), but you should give it a try and would probably be pretty good. For example, I got 2nd in both comps on the log press (lost by 1 rep both times), and you're a stronger presser than I am. You could tear it up at 230. You could also try the Marunde Muscle forums and ask if there are guys around the DC area that train strongman.

    Maybe I'll post some vids from those contests one of these days.

  12. I like Clout too. I tried RPM and thought it was pretty good. Never really gave it a fair run, but it seemed to help with focus and energy. L-tyrosine is a great, cheap supplement. Probably the best thing for focus out their.

    It is cool that 230 is the weight limit. What do you think about a 230# division in MMA? Seems like a great idea to me. I don't like the fact that 265# is the limit for HW. I want to see some monsters fight. I like the idea of a 230# division and then an No-limit/SHW class.

    I'll check out the Marunde site, thanks, and definitely post those vids if you get a chance.

  13. Alright, maybe I'll give the RPM a try. How high did you dose the L-tyro? I've been going 1 g about 3-4 times per day and haven't been that impressed.

    I like the idea of splitting up the HWs lower and not limiting the next class. 230 sounds good too. You could get all the 245 and under guys in that class when weight cutting is considered. There really aren't enough good SHWs to fill a UFC weight class, but there may be enough 240+ guys.

    I'm not too familiar with the Marunde site, but I hear it's a great forum for strongman. Get a log started too so we can see those deadlift numbers.

  14. I always use L-tyrosine pre-workout only. 2.5-3g gives a nice kick. That and 3 or 4 RPM's makes a nice pre-workout stack.

    I wish I could start a log now. It would help me since you're doing one too. I'm doing a bodybuilding routine right now, trying to throw on 10 pounds or so of quality mass. I want to get to a quality 240-245, hopefully 10% BF. Then I plan to go into a strongman/powerlifting style program. I'll definitely log that, but the bodybuilding log would suck.

  15. Fair enough. 245 and 10% bf - damn, you're gonna be a tank like Monson. Do you use PH/PS or the real stuff much?

    I'll throw those vids up tomorrow.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by jas123 View Post
    Fair enough. 245 and 10% bf - damn, you're gonna be a tank like Monson. Do you use PH/PS or the real stuff much?

    I'll throw those vids up tomorrow.
    Looking forward to the vids. I think Monson is about 5'8", and my weight is distributed much differently, more similar to your build. I've tried a few things in the past PH wise. I'll PM ya, later.

  17. Alright this is the first contest in July:

    Log Press for reps in 90 s at 185: Got 2nd with 14 - lost by 1
    This log is fairly similar to the one that I train with.

    Keg load (100,150,175,195,210): Got 1st on this one. No one else at 230 got the last keg.

    The other events were 18'' deadlift (4th) and tire flip / sled pull medley (1st). I tied for first but lost the tie breaker.

  18. The second contest was a NAS gold one in August.

    Log press - 13 in diameter, 200 lbs for reps in 60s, platform was uneven
    I got 7 for 2nd and lost 1 again.

    Fire Truck pull - 15k-18k # up hill in 60s or 80 ft total (no one in any weight class finished)
    I moved the beast 23 ft and a few inches for 2nd.

    Keg Toss - 5 empty kegs thrown over a 12' bar must retrieve as well for time.
    I was 3rd with 36.78s. The event was advertised as a keg toss for max height so I didn't train right for it.

    Yoke Carry - 500lb 40 ft up hill, turn, 40 ft back down
    I was 5th. I seem to lack core stability and am not very good at this and farmer's walk.

    There was also a truck deadlift and hold for max time. I held it for 41.8s for 3rd so I ended up in 3rd overall.

  19. great vids Jas looking strong as hell
    Alex check out Steve Justice he is a crazy redneck but he is one strong mofo. I'm almost embarrassed to tell you I bought his book lol

  20. Thanks Brass.

    Alex, I was kidding about the Monson ref. There's definitely a big difference between 6' .5'' at 245 and 5'8'' at 245. Thanks for the tip on the L-tyro. I tried it at 2-2.5 grams this morning and feel great. Definitely a great supp for the price.

    EDIT: I fixed the videos so that the embedding works now.

  21. Sunday:

    log press: clean and press each rep
    235 - 4
    235 - 4

    atlas stones - messed around a little at first trying to load the 230 in one continuous motion (not stopping on the upper thighs and regripping). None of us could do it. It's fairly easy with the 185 which is much rougher and hence easier to grip.
    A few practices loading to 48'' with the 185 and 230.
    185 to 56''
    185 to 64''
    230 to 56''

    farmer walk / frame carry:
    Put the farmer's handles inside of the 540 lb tire and walked with it for distance
    1st run - 17 yards
    2nd run - 15 yards

    -the opening of the tire is fairly small and so it requires little baby steps. I actually got tripped up by the tire on the first run.

    tire flip / sled pull medley:
    flip tire 20 yards and then pull a 290 lb sled 20 yards on grass.
    Sharp back pain after 10 yards forced me to stop after 10 yards of the pull. The long grass made the pull brutal and everyone else lowered.

    I'm really happy with where my log press is at. I'm hoping to get 280-300 by December, but we'll see what happens. I'm getting really frustrated with the lower back pain as it ruined my workout last week. What can you do?

  22. I finally checked out the vids, nice work. It looked like you should've attempted to get low on the truck pull, but I assume it's just not possible. When you're pulling the sled, are you walking backwards holding a straight handle?

  23. Yeah, I should have gotten lower on the truck pull, but I actually thought I was really low when I was doing it. It's hard to tell at the time. You are supposed to keep your legs together and push with both at the same time to get it started. I did ok at it, but seeing it, I could have done better. You can hear it in the background if the sound is up high enough, but I stumbled when one of the wheels hit a pot hole in the road.

    No, the sled is attached to a chain that you hold. You can do it forward or backwards. Forwards is quicker if the chain is long enough so that you don't trip over it. We switch it up.

  24. Oh, that sounds kind of painful, grabbing the chain that is. Screw this BB sh*t, I'm gonna start strongman/powerlifting style training soon.

  25. You don't even feel it the chain when you're doing it. The stones are the one's that bite back, but my inner forearms are getting rough enough that I didn't bleed today.

  26. I can tell you love the stones. Its Always Sunny is on right now, I'm outta here

  27. Tues.


    squat to 14.5'' box
    405-5 failed on 6

    core work
    upper back machine work (usually rows but my lower back is still sore)

    I'm hoping that I can get up to 10 at 405 by Dec. I don't feel like I've figured out what volume of barbell work is appropriate with the strongman workouts on Sunday.

  28. What kinda stance are you using on the box squats?

  29. Oh look, the pasty canadian is in the building. All we need now is Wilford.

  30. Quote Originally Posted by Alexander View Post
    Oh look, the pasty canadian is in the building.
    He was great in the Da Vinci Code.

    I'm using about a medium to wide stance and keep my hips real far back on the way down. I think that I'm using traditional box squat form. I just do them touch n go style.

    I couldn't believe I cracked 220 in BW izza:

  31. Oooohhh, take that, take that, take that-Puff Daddy

    Are you attempting to gain weight, or did it just happen?

  32. Puff Daddy?

    Yeah, I figure that I'll try to get up to ~225 by December but I wasn't expecting the 3 lb gain over the weekend. None of the events require that much athleticism so I figure that gaining weight should help my strength in my powerlifts.

  33. I'm sorry, P-diddy. I forget what song, but P-diddy whispers "take that" a couple times in one of his songs. I can't remember who, maybe Chappelle or Jamie Fox make fun of it nicely.

    You might as well bulk up. Get up to 235 or so and then cut a couple pounds to make weight? Probably take you a good year to do that, while staying high quality, but that's what you should aim for, I think. How seriously are you taking competing?

  34. It's new so it's hard to say, but I have a fairly obsessive and competitive personality so I'd say pretty seriously. I'd like to compete every couple of months and maybe make it to a national meet in a couple of years. I don't ever plan on competing at more than 230, though.

    That's probably a good plan as far as weight goes. It's actually been much easier for me to gain quality weight doing strongman stuff than a bodybuilding workout. I guess my core is starting to get bigger which is not like a bber. My gf calls me "ape belly" while the Japanese call me "lifting Brad Pitt" (sorry, saw a Stiebling fight the other day).

  35. The "take that" reference was in reference to your stab at Mullett, who I may add disappeared like an albino in the snow. Just trying to help you follow me, as it is hard at times, mainly because I'm retarded.

    The core is an easy place to put some weight onto. Ass alone you can chuck 10 pounds onto in no time if you've never done hard glute work. Sounds like you're working on a Forrest Griffin like gut, he has many ape like qualities. You should hire the G-man to announce you before your lifts, "from Indiana "the lifting Brad Pitt" Jas 123........123................ .........123.

  36. albino in the snow

    Maybe I'll get Kit Cope and Bridgette Nielsen to warm the crowd up with some jokes, then the G-man to introduce me.

  37. Wed.

    BW - 219

    standing military
    185 - 7
    195 - 5
    205 - 4

    warmups and stopped because my left bicep was and has been really bothering me, even on pressing exercises. Weird...


    shoulder assistance work

    The bicep issue is weird. They've been fried for the last couple of weeks. Maybe I'll take it easy on Sunday's strongman workout and sit out on a few events.

  38. THurs.

    BW - 220.1

    455-2 - pathetic

    stiff leg deads from on top of 45s

    hang cleans

    power cleans

    core work

    I don't know what's up with my deadlift. Last week it felt great, this week it's pathetic. Maybe I need more recovery time.

  39. Damn, I just wrote 20 sentences worth of rubbish, and it disappeared, you're lucky. Sometimes deads feel superheavy, no way to explain it. Does seem like you may be doing a bit too much. That's coming from somebody that is not in shape though. I don't know, I don't deadlift often but when I do I really make it count. I seem to always make slow progress so I'm not changing anything. Do less, be patient, and see if your dead goes up.

  40. How frequently do you do deads? Once every 2 weeks or something?

    I think the stones + deadlifting every week may be too much. The stones are lot like a stiff leg deadlift at the bottom but really hard since the grip is awkward and you start down lower. Maybe I'll take an off week from each every third week, but not have the off weeks coincide. I'm terrible at listening to my body and can never do the smart thing and step down from a challenge.

    One of the guys I train with is 40 and doesn't seem to have a problem doing both every week. He actually is built like Jeff Monson so maybe that has something to do with it.


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