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  1. Thursday August 17th (DE Squat Day):

    Box Squat with Light Bands (2" below parallel):
    175x2x10 (Speed was quick, 1 second pause on box)

    Box Squat 2" below parallel:

    Reverse Hyber with Ball on bench:
    BW x 8 x 4

    GHR with light band assistance on lat machine:
    BW x 15 x 4 - My hammies are getting a lot stronger, I can see them catching up.

    Ab Pulldowns:

    Even with my injury things are progressing lightly. I am on 1g of naproxin a day though prescriped by the doc. Hopefully it doesn't affect anything.

  2. Friday August 18th (ME Bench Day):

    Ball Dumbell Presses:
    50lbs x 20 x 3 (I almost dropped the weight on my face, it was a big struggle to get the last of them up) (5 min rest)

    Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press:
    30lbs x 10 x 5 (90 sec rest)

    Super Set - Rope Tricep press down with face pulls:

    Face Pulls:

    Felt pretty good today. Workout was a couple hours ago and feeling a little drained so it was probably a good one.

  3. Tuesday August 22 (ME Squat):

    Good Morning Squats:

    Pull throughs: (Light Duty Band)
    BW x 15 x 4

    GHR: (assistance with Mini Band on lat machine)

  4. Wednesday August 23 (Assistance/recovery):

    Helped my brother move heavy a$$ stuff into his new home. ~4-5hours

  5. Thursday August 24 (ME Bench):

    1 Board barbell Press:
    290x0 (Miss, didn't have it, stuck at bottom)

    Seated dumbbell cleans:
    35lbs x 10 x 4

    Incline Dumbell Press:
    60lbs x 10
    70lbs x 10

    Lying Straight Leg Raises (Highest decline possible):
    BW x 15 x 4

  6. Friday August 25 (DE Squat Day):

    Box Squat 1" below with Light Bands:
    185x2x8 - Speed was good, felt strong

    Box Squat Parallel:
    315x1 - all went up pretty easy. Felt really good about these

    Hypers with 25lbs:
    x10 x 4

    GHR with Light band assistance on lat machine:
    BW x 8 x 4

    Grip Work - Wrist rollers
    21lbs x each way x 2
    12.5 lbs X each way x 1

  7. Tuesday August 29 (DE Bench Day):

    Barbell Bench Press:

    Close Grip Barbell Bench:

    Lat Pulldown:

    Shoulder Raises, Front/side/rear (Deltas):
    15lbs x 10 x each way x 3

  8. Thursday August 31 (ME Squat Day):

    Deadlift with Light Bands for Assistance:
    535x0 (Miss)

    straight Leg Raises superset with lunge:

    40lbs each arm x 8 x 4

    Leg Raise:
    Highest level x 15 x 4

    GHR with Light Band on Lat Machine:
    BW x 8 x 3
    BW x 10 x 1

    Pull Down Abs:

    Felt decent today. Weighing in just at 181lbs today.

  9. Friday September 1 (ME Bench Day):

    Well some background. Saw the physical therapist today for evaluation of my back. Turns out that my left side is tighter from my injury and I have developed a strength imbalance from it. It was shown that the trouble lies in my lower ab strength and some other things. I was also given some stretches to help with the tightness in my injured area. Good thing is that they don't think it is a herniated disc. The exercises are good and I think they might be able to really help. As for the workout, only 6 hours sleep last night. This may of hurt.

    1 Board Press with 1 Sec pause at bottom:
    285x0 (Miss) Came up strong but stalled at about 3 board height. Time to go back to rack presses and 3 board presses and work on *******.

    Close Grip Bench:

    Standing Military press superset with wide grip chins:


    Core Work for Rehabilitation of back. Lot of static movements on ball, really hard stuff, i was impressed.

  10. Tuesday September 5th: (DE Squat Day)

    With the holidays, my schedule is all screwed up plus I am concentrating on fixing my lower back. So not going to hard, In a week or two I'll get back to hitting it hard.

    Speed Box Squats: (No Bands)

    Core exercises for lower back (5 Various ones)

    Thats all I had time for. It was good enough

  11. Wednesday September 6th: (Recovery work)

    Winter season started for hockey tonight. EVeryone was back and the skate was fast. Great workout. Working the laziness out and concentrating getting my conditioning back and quickness with stops and starts.

  12. Thursday September 7th (ME Bench Day)

    Rack Presses:
    310x0 (Miss)
    300x0 (Miss) Felt drained. Thought 295 went pretty easy but I used a lot trying to get 310 up.

    lying barbell tricep extension:

    Standing Military Press SS w/ tricep rope press down:



    Core Work: Same 5 exercises I have been doing. increased the reps/time with them. feeling a lot better here.

  13. Oh, its now eating season since summer is over. Working on getting it up and weighed in at 183.5 this morning. Eating lots of carbs and protein.

  14. I don't know if its the eating or the rehab core work, but I am feeling a lot better in my squat.

    Friday September 8, 2006: (ME Squat Day)

    Core work a PT 7:30AM.

    Box Squats to parallel:
    365x0 (Miss, but I am happy with 345 for now)

    Lunge with dumbells: (35lbs)
    35 x 10 x 3

    GHR ss with pull throughs:
    Light assistance on lat machine:
    bw x 6 x 4 (Felt strong on these too)

    pull throughs:
    110 x 10 x 3 (These were burning and bothering back slightly, had to stop)

  15. keep up the good work mang. some slow but steady progress here your goals are becoming reality. keep it up.

  16. Sunday September 10 (Recovery):

    Ice Hockey 90 minutes

  17. Monday September 11 (ME Squat Day)

    Well, sort of. I want to get my original schedule back on track. So since I skated last night and I am skating tonight and just did ME on friday for squat, this was sort of a lazy day.

    Rehab Core Work: About 8 total movements, starting to feel a lot better with my back

    Pull Throughs:
    110 x 12 x 3

    Good Mornings:

    Wrist Rollers:
    10lbs x both ways x 2

  18. I've been following ur log. Looks good. Im gonna be doing something similart to urs when Im done with the 5x5 routine.

  19. Thanks guys. Working the best I can. School and hockey is catching up a little, been real tired this whole week. Going as hard as I can without overdoing it. I've done Bill Starr's 5x5 routine before, its good but greuling, can do 8 weeks top then need to take time off.

    Tuesday September 12 (DE Bench):

    Barbell Speed Bench (No bands):
    165x3x8 varying grips

    Incline barbell close grip:

    315x8x2 regular
    315x8x2 power shrug

    Weighted Chins SS w/ rear delt raises:
    Weighted chins:
    +10lb x 5 x 3

    Rear Delt Raises:
    20lb x 8 x 4

    I was just dog tired at this point, it was time to go.

  20. Wednesday (Recovery, Weak points):

    Core Work for rehab of lower back. Felt good. Definitly helping a bunch

    Wrist Rollers:
    3 sets x 10lbs each way.

  21. Squats are looking good!

  22. have you noticed your strength gains coming along nicely.

  23. thanks guys. I hav been noticing my squat going up but I attribute that to the core work I am doing through PT. It is helping a bunch. Starting to get ijn a dilemma though. I am skating a bunch now and my lifting is hurting me on the ice. I did speed day today and skated tonight and definitly didn't have the jump i usually do. I need to figure ot how to integrate skating into this mix. But, westside is definitly increasing my strength. I think my bench has slowed, but my DL and squat may be gaining. I still weigh about the same at around 182-184

  24. Thursday September 14 (DE Squat Day)

    Box Squat with Light Bands:
    175x8x2 (Speed was really quick)

    Box Squat doubles:
    On the lighter weight here, I found myself coming up with such force that the bar was lifting off my back.

    295x2 (all easy)

    Step Ups with dumbells:
    30lbs each hand. 20inch vertical step
    4 sets x 5

    Thats all I did yesterday. I also skated last night and did not have the energy I usually do, I need to somehow switch leg day to avoid it on the same nights I am skating

  25. This week is an off week. I will continue my PT core work but I will max out at the end of this week, probably around thrusday, friday.

    Previous max:
    Bench - 275
    Squat - around 325
    Deadlift - 425

    Bench - 285
    Squat - 360
    Deadlift - 480

    Total - 1125

  26. Good luck on Max day! I would suggest doing them PLing order, Squat/BP/DL, also I think you should slap a couple lil round discs on the bar and pull 5 bills!

  27. thanks man. It will be different this time around. No summer distractions like I had in the beginning of July. I will go in that order and If I am feeling good, I may go for 5 bills. I have gotten more with the help of bands so it may be possible.

  28. Thursday September 21 (Max Day)

    Looks Like back to the drawing board. Missed all my lifts and I just wasn't ready.

    Squat: 345x1 - I hit this but don't think I had higher in me. I am not 100% positive I got to parallel but I was the only one there. I probably did because I have a tendency to go below without realizing it. It was really weird without doing it on a box though.

    Bench: Miss 280 - Got to 2 board height, could not lock out.

    DL: Hit 405x1 easy. Went for 455 and missed. Got an inch off the ground. Went down to 445 and missed. I just felt really drained from the other attempts. There you have it, pretty pathetic.

    If anyone wants to suggest something, go ahead, all ears.

  29. hard workout leave the body depleted have you taken any breaks? A week would be good for ya.

  30. This was my week off, that's why I went for my max's today, I haven't done anything else. Anyway, definitly taxing on the system. I feel exhausted just sitting here and typing this.

  31. I felt as if my post may be stupid before i typed it. I thought to my self.... I hope he didnt just post he was taking time Maybe you could use a good white tea, or a good stimulant.

  32. Well, Went back, readjusted my maxes and calculated my new weights I should be working with. Hopefully it gets better these next 8 weeks.

    September 25, 2006 (Off Day):
    Golf in the afternoon. Ice Hockey at night. It was a good skate because I was a little sore the next day

  33. September 26 (ME Bench Day):

    Rack Presses:

    Incline Close Grip:

    Lat Pulldown:

    Front Raises:
    20lb x 7 x 4

    Rear Raises:
    15lb x 8 x 4

    Core Work...

  34. To help with getting your DL off the floor, incorporate some DLs off a platform, I like using a couple 100lb plates, just set it up so your feet are still under the bar. Do this on semi heavy speed sets, when you put your feet back on the floor the weight seems to fly of the floor.
    Bench Press I would try to study your form, have someone video tape you and see if you can make adjusments, do you tuck your elbows? Are you using your whole body? Are you pulling the bar apart? Form is everything in the BP, when it finally clicked for me I went up 50lbs!
    For Squats I would incorporate regular squats into your w/o's while box squats are great, I don't think doing them every w/o is a great idea. Mostly because you can do so much more with a regular squat and when you go from doing box to maxing normal the weight will feel extremely heavy and will put you at a disadvantage mentally and your CNS will not be prepared for the extra weight.

    Just my 1 cent. Good luck on this next cycle! I feel your pain trying to incorporate skating/lifting. I tried to race bikes and lift for years and it never worked, I ended up riding all summer with about 2 light w/o's a week and lifting all winter with roller work. It's all or nothing for me!

  35. Good advice Basso. I think I really have come to a point where I need someone to look at my form. Problem is I don't have another knowledgable power lifter around me. I even think my form for my squat needs a little tweaking. The deadlift is the only one I am pretty comfortable in. As for the box squats, I think you are dead on with that too. I am going to try more regular squats in my routine. There is definitly a big difference between the two.

  36. Quote Originally Posted by peterson24
    Good advice Basso. I think I really have come to a point where I need someone to look at my form. Problem is I don't have another knowledgable power lifter around me. I even think my form for my squat needs a little tweaking. The deadlift is the only one I am pretty comfortable in. As for the box squats, I think you are dead on with that too. I am going to try more regular squats in my routine. There is definitly a big difference between the two.
    Just bring a camera with you and ask for a spot, then hand them the camera, I think most will be more then willing to film a set for you.

  37. Wednesday September 27 (Recovery, Assistance Work):

    Self massage with Foam Roller

    GHR on lat machine:
    3 sets 5 reps with medium band assitance

    Grip Work (Wrist Rollers):
    4 sets @ 15lbs both directions

  38. Thursday September 28 (ME Squat Day):

    Skating at night, so didn't do too much

    345x1 (No problem) depth was dead on, no questions on this one

    Bulgarian Split Squat:
    40lb dumbells in each hand, 4 sets x 5

    Hyper Extension with 25lbs:
    3 sets x 10

    Core Work

  39. Friday (Missed, off at work, out golfing couldn't make it)

  40. Monday October 2 (DE Squat Day):

    Squat with Light Bands:
    175x2x8 (Speed was good, different without box but adjusted quick)
    Bulgarian Split Squat:
    35lb dumbells, 3 sets x 6
    1 set x 8

    Pull Throughs:

    Core Work:
    Planks, side raises, etc ....


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