What are your opinions on 5/3/1?

  1. What are your opinions on 5/3/1?

    So first things first, I have experienced great success in the past on 5/3/1. And thoroughly enjoyed the gains I made. My question is more about your opinions of the different variations: triumvirate, boring but big, body weight, bodybuilding? What are your thoughts on the different programs?

  2. BBB all the way. The bodybuilding one looks like it was made to satisfy men's fitness garbage

    Yea I sit on the squat rack for a full 45 minutes or so when it's squat day. Don't really give a fuk if it irritates people lol

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dmmcclair View Post
    What are your thoughts on the different programs?
    Here's a question for anybody...
    Can anyone tell by looking at a trainee after a years+ work, what program he/she is on, if he/she is doing the big 5-7 exercises with regularity, focus and determination whilst adding weight weekly???

    If the programs utilize compound work/exercises, and some heavy focus on weight progression, then any of those programs can work depending on specific goals, if the trainees head is into some discomfort and hard determined work.

  4. Depends on your goals as to what assistance template you should use. I've had some contact with Wendler through the EFS website, and he prefers certain templates for certain outcomes.

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