ozzielifter's sick of being the chubby guy log!!

  1. ozzielifter's sick of being the chubby guy log!!

    Name : Damo
    Height : 5'9ish
    Weight : 89.4kg (196lb)
    Bodyfat : 16% (estimated)

    So basically im starting this log for some sort of accountability to not only myself but like minded people out there. Been floating around the forum for a little bit and have decided to take the step to put up a log, have you guys critique / provide feedback and whatnot..

    Im currently doing a push/ pull/ legs program twice a week. Loving how this is going and feeling really good with it. Doing about 4 sets with 6-8 reps for each exercise.

    Push day would like something like:
    - pullups (theyre not push but I always do them)
    - db bench
    - incline db bench
    - db shoulder press
    - bb overhead press
    - behind the neck press (smith machine)

    Pull day:
    - pullups (3x10)
    - deads
    - lat pulldown
    - seated row
    - incline row
    - bentover bb row

    - squats (starting at bottom of squat, up, down, pause and repeat)
    - leg press
    - leg extensions
    - leg curls
    - calf raise on leg press machine (3x25)

    Diet has been a little off up until yesterday as I was trying to bulk but not really having a good time of it as I didnt really know what I was doing nutrition wise. Wasnt counting cals properly but as of yesterday have decided to drop to 1400 cals and drop some bodyfat and do a bulk again.

    If anything the last 2 days have stressed to me how important nutrition is and the way my body responds to food at various times, quality of food etc.. am currently taking bsn cellmass and aminox for recovery.

    Any thoughts??

  2. Really good session tonight..hit the legs pretty hard

    Front squat from bottom postion
    70kg x 10
    80kg x 8
    80kg x 5
    80kg x 6

    Back squat (to parallel bench)
    60kg x 10
    70kg x 10
    75kg x 10

    Incline leg press
    160kg x 10
    200kg x 10
    250kg x 10

    Leg extension
    55kg x 10
    65kg x 10
    70kg x 10
    One legged - 30kg x 10

    Sumo dead
    60kg x 10
    80kg x 10
    100kg x 7
    100kg x 6

    Calf raise on incline leg press machine
    120kg x 15
    120kg x 25 x 2

    Felt dead due to lack of calories to begin with, then as the session went on started to get into and move more weight than what I thought I could =)

  3. Flat db press
    25kg x 10
    30kg x 8
    35kg x 8
    37.5kg x 8

    Shoulder press
    17.5kg x 10
    20kg x 10
    22.5kg x 8

    Incline db press
    25kg x 8
    30kg x 7
    30kg x 8

    Behing neck smith press
    25kg x 10
    35kg x 8
    40kg x 6

    Exercise bike for 10 mins

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