ozzielifter87 first ever log

  1. ozzielifter87 first ever log

    Hi there, first ever log on one of these things so its gonna take a while to get used to so dont give me too hard a time haha.

    Been in the aust. Army for 3 yrs and decided to start getting dedicated with lifting about 8 weeks ago with the goal of competing in a natty comp in about 12-18 months time.

    Im roughly 5'9", 202lb. Unsure of bodyfat but estimate about 16%??
    1rm dead - 150kg (330lb)
    1rm squat - 125kg (275lb)
    1rm bench - 105kg (230lb)

    Was following a 5 day split that looked like:
    Day 1 - chest
    Day 2 - shoulders
    Day 3 - back
    Day 4 - arms
    Day 5 - legs

    Have decided to change this up by going back to basics and use a push/ pull/ legs split with compound moves. I realised I wasnt seeing the results I probably should have been because I was oveecomplicating and trying to much. My routine now looks like:
    Pull - pullups, deadlifts, seated row, mil press
    Push - flat and decline bench, flat and decline DB press, pushups, dips
    Legs - squat, sumo squat, stiff leg deads, lunges.
    Apart fron the bodyweight exercises ill be using a 4x8 system and going heavy as possible whilst maintaining proper form.
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  2. So have gone back to 5 day split due to getting a couple of training partners back from the 'ghan....
    Yesterdays session looked like this:

    3x10 pullups

    Rack pulls - 60kg x 10 (concentrated on form ie hip hinging etc so I could go a little heavier without doing my back in)
    3x10 @100kg (have had lower back issues which im working on and dont wanna overdo it)

    Seated row - 70kg x 10
    80kg x 10
    90kg x 10
    45kg x 25

    Lat pulldown - 65kg x 10
    75kg x 10
    80kg x 10
    50kg x 25

    Bent over row - 37.5kg x 15
    45kg x 12
    50kg x 12
    50kg x 10

    Behind neck press - 30kg x 15
    30kg x 15
    35kg x 12
    35kg x 12

    Also bought bsn aminox and bsn cellmass for a bit of recovery as im doing more volume that what im usually used to..on a sidenote have put on roughly 3kg in couple weeks and doesnt seem to be fat so I must be doing something right??

  3. Good leg day today..reckon I might need a wheelchair tomorrow haha

    Back squat - 60kg x 10
    80kgx 10
    100kg x 5

    Did 3 sets of very light front squats just for practice

    Decline Leg press - 120kg x 10
    160kg x 10
    200kg x 10
    240kg x 10
    260kg x 10

    Decline leg press calf raise 80kg x 25 x 3

    Dumbell hammy curl - 15kg x 20
    15kg x 20
    20kg x 20

    Leg extensions - 50kg x 15
    Unilateral extensions - 25kg x 15 each leg x 2

  4. Good arm session...lots of volume and was a struggle driving home lol

    -Weighted pullups 3x5kgx10
    -Preacher curls 3x25kgx10
    -slow Cable curls 5x20kgx10 supersetted with 5x12.5kgx10 slow DB curls
    -Barbell curls 3x22.5kgx20
    -continuous hammer curls 5 sets, went from 12.5kg to 10kg to 7.5kg then back up
    Cycle through non step, 5 sets
    -bench dips x 20
    -tricep extensions with rope x 20kg x 10
    -close grip pressdown x 20kg x 10
    -straight arm pulldowns 3x25kgx10

  5. Back this morning....had a late night last night and early morning but pushed through and felt good..no lower back pain which I had been getting while doing rack pulls which I changed to deads

    Pullups 3x10

    Deadlift 80kg x 10
    100kg x 8 x 3

    Lat pulldown 60kg x 10
    70kg x 10
    80kg x 10
    40kg x 25

    Seated row 60kg x 10
    70kg x 10
    75kg x 10

    Bent-over row 32.5kg x 10
    37.5kg x 10
    37.5kg x 10

    Low row (did each side seperately)
    20kg x 10
    30kg x 10
    40kg x 10

    Straight arm cable pulldown
    25kg x 10
    27.5kg x 10 x 2

  6. Well after not keeping my log up to date for a while now, I decided now is as good a time as any to restart...took some progress pics and was amazed and just how far ive come so far...sure ive still got a hell of a long way to go but who doesnt??

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  7. Pt this morning
    1st round of 5x5 -
    25kg box deadlift
    15kg standing shoulder press
    30kg bent over row
    20kg overhead plate lunges
    20m sprints
    2nd and 3rd round 10x as many rounds as possible of the same exercises

    Gym this arvo - Back day
    T-Bar row - 40kg x 10 for warmup
    60kg x 10
    70kg x 8
    80kg x 8

    Seated Row
    50kg x 10
    60kg x 10
    65kg x 10

    Lat Pulldown
    50kg x 10
    60kg x 10
    70kg x 10

    Straight-Arm Pulldown
    25kg x 10
    25kg x 12
    27.5kg x 9

    Bent-over Row
    37.5kg x 10
    37.5kg x 12
    37.5kg x 12

    Low Row (each side)
    20kg x 10
    35kg x 10
    35kg x 10
    20kg x 40

  8. Quick one this morning
    25 pullups
    50 dumbell deadlift
    50 pushups
    50 squat jumps
    50 leg raises
    50 shoulder presz
    25 pullups

    Time = 25min 30sec

    Not setting the world on fire but still went as hard as I could


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