Country Gets HUGE with 5-3-1, Erase and DAA.

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  1. I'm 5 9 barefoot, wish I was taller. 182-182 depending on the day. I have a lot of muscle mass left over from when I was 190-200ish, lots of dense muscle I guess. I don't really have any bloated muscle like you see on some guys. Some guys are big and can't lift heavy. I'm small and can lift heavy. I'll take it.

    I might have to figure out how to flip that pic.

    Yes sir, 5-3-1 seems good so far. Bench felt off today for some reason but, next week is when it counts.

  2. Lol Damn. From the pics you look like you are 6'4 lol
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Montego1 View Post
    Lol Damn. From the pics you look like you are 6'4 lol
    Yah I wish I was 6' 4 lol. According to my drivers license I'm 5' 11 but I don't like to cheat myself. I embrace the shortness!

    Left hip locked up a bit today on deads but it was a decent workout.

    W2d2c2. Deads. Body weight 183

    Deads- 135x7,7 225x5. 320x3 370x3 415x6 325x7

    Back extension- 130x10x5sets

    Hanging Leg lifts -15x3 sets, 2 sets 20 sit ups on decline bench, +10 leg lifts.

    Db curl - 40x7 50x8 45x7 30x21set.

    Stretch out.

    Not shabby for early morning. Tired as hell and I almost over slept the gym. I have to study for a psych exam an turn in an application for a job next year at the gym here. Only one class today though but exam tomorrow morning and 4 other classes, then I'm off til Tuesday for Easter.

  4. Goddam oak chest! How's the erase treating ya? Can't wait to see how it treats me after this beast natadrol bulk

  5. Thanks bro. It's good, I'm drying out well, feel the daa and it really giving me that good state of mind and I feel good too. Strength is about average for me I guess. Well see next week when I Max. I'm fighting with myself over eating more or cutting down.

  6. W2D3C2 Body weight 184 Standing Shoulder Press

    Press- 100x3, 115x3, 125x10,6

    DB SH press seated- 60x10,10,10,7, 50x10

    Cable Fly - 4x10,10,10,10,10

    chin up - 7,7,7

    Dips SS w/ Kick backs - 10,10,10 w/ 30x7,7, 25x7

    Quick ab workout.

  7. W2D4C2 Squats/Legs BW- 182.5 (AM no food)

    I was suprised how well this went on an empty stomach.

    Squats - 135x7 225x3, stretch to ease up tension in my left hip/low back.

    265x3, 300x3, 335x4, 315x7

    Leg Press - 310x10,10,10,10,10

    Leg Curl - 70x10 (5 sets)

    BB curls - 95 x 7,7

    Ate protein shake, mac n cheese, and chicken. I had to cook and this was all that was at home, plus I cooked for the fam too. ah well. Tacos and chicken noodle soup for diner... Lol just gona say today was not a super healthy day. also had pop corn, vanilla waffers, milk, and 1 cup orange soda tonight cause the old lady came to visit me and we watched movies.

  8. Strong!
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  9. Food porn:

    2 hot dogs, 6 chicken tenders, 2 eggs, 3 pieces bacon, and 3 slices American cheese on triple level hotdog buns smothered in Franks Red Hot.

    I worked on my wrangler and in the garage for a good part of the day today, so I wasn't entirely sedentary on my off day. Time to study some bio chem now. Lol
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  10. Wow....
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Montego1 View Post
    I was really hungry... Macros aren't even that bad, I am gona try to add them up quick.

  12. 74 fat 104 carb 71 protein (roughly) - 1366 calories.

    Not a shabby meal. Plus 2 glasses skim milk.

    to make this better lunch was a mushroom burger, plain chicken, and chicken noodle soup.

  13. Power food lol.
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by Montego1 View Post
    Power food lol.
    No joke. I'll try to clean it up next time. I was thinking about doing sprints today but body is wrecked from yesterday, not in any shape to run hard. Probably hit them this week some, it's supposed to be between 30 and 50 all week. I really need some warmth.

  15. Why do I eat so much on holidays. Why can't I be on a bulk. Lol.

  16. Gona go Bane mode tomorrow on chest.
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  17. W3D1C2 Bench BW- 183.5

    Bench - 135x10, 205x5, 235x3, 260x1, 295x1(small spot around 2/3 up) 260x3

    DB Press - 80x10, 100x6, 90x6, 80x9,6

    Tri pushdowns 6x12, 8x10,10,10

    Lat Pulldown - 170x5, 250x7, 290x7, 250x8, 210x10

    pushups - 20

    Form work on bench.

    Kinda disappointed I missed the new max, but I was at my home gym today and It felt a little off. No harm done, I still had a pretty good workout.

  18. As I said I have been shooting for new maxes today. Unlike barely missing my bench yesterday, I CRUSHED a new max in deadlifts today.

    W3D2C2 Deads BW 184.2

    Deads - 135x7, 225x3, 315x3, 385x2, 445x1, 525x1 PR (ties my old PR before back injury) 345x5, 390x3

    Leg lift abs - 15,15,15,15,15

    back extension - 130x10,10,12,12,12

    pulley bi curls - single 3x5, 4x10,10,12. Double 8x10 (the bar is awkward so I went back to singles for those last 2 sets)

    Got a nice bi pump, and I feel really loose after the deads which is good. I stretched out really well. Funny thing is, I woke up this morning, my upper back hurt really bad I guess from those Lat PDs yesterday, and my outer hips were all bound up and hurt really bad just walking around to class and stuff. I did some community service for a religion class I have to take at school at a local food/clothes bank and carried some stuff around, and they seemed too loosen up. God must have been rewarding me for my good service right? LOL. Anyways I ate really good and clean all day, and I feel good and tight too, and strong. Really happy to hit that PR, I actually couldn't fit anymore on the bar unless I went to 445 or 485. A bunch of people at the gym were like freaking out because of my deadlift, these 3 kids my age were asking me about it and some old man about Sh*t himself and came and talked to me haha.

    On a side note, some girl was like giving me the bedroom eyes today at the gym, she was leg pressing and decently cute, but I am basically wifed up w/ my GF. so I am like whatever. I hate when girls do that, especially at the gym!

  19. Bar...
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  20. Awesome work big man. Doing work and hitting pr's is worth the pain.
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by Montego1 View Post
    Awesome work big man. Doing work and hitting pr's is worth the pain.
    Thanks. I think I could have went another 5-10 pounds heavier. Seems 5-3-1 is working well for deads, but slow on the bench press... I'm gona give it another 2 months to see how things go # wise. Gona add another set to bench though because I really don't feel like I am getting enough main lift work in on bench, I always have more in the tank that I just blow off on my assistance lifts.

    I figure I only need to add 20-30 more pounds and that's triple my bodyweight, not bad. I really want to hammer my bench, it's always been my weak point because of these damn small arms/tris. I have funky triceps.

  22. If you find the Bench lagging you could try adding a bench assistance exercise on Overhead Press day. When I did the BBB template I did bench assistance on OHP day and OHP assistance on bench day.
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    If you find the Bench lagging you could try adding a bench assistance exercise on Overhead Press day. When I did the BBB template I did bench assistance on OHP day and OHP assistance on bench day.
    I hit the cable flys on my OHP day pretty strictly and religiously. I also add in tri work as well to help beef these arms up. My chest barely gets a pump even with a very wide grip, my tris just die out and I can't move the weight quick enough to neglect that. I am gona really focus on form the next few weeks on bench and get everything dialed in better.

    I get rotator cuff issues if I work with my front delts too much, so I have to be careful with that too.

    Is there anything else you would suggest?

  24. I feel awesome today, who would think deadlifting 525 would make me feel so alive... gota love that GH release

    Gona kill OHP today, 3 O clock.

    Gona try to max, maybe around 180? I feel like I can do a lot more now since I have learned the movement and form a little better.

    Gona hit a few heavy sets of incline bench today too I think.


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