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  1. Solid presses buddy. Loving the form!

  2. I find my form gets better on standing presses when i go heavier, and the putting your head through part comes very natural when using heavier weights as opposed to lighter weights and higher reps.

  3. 12-17 Chest, Tris

    Bench [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
    HS Incline [email protected]@[email protected]@45 (weight per side)
    Pec Dec [email protected]
    Incline DB Press [email protected]@35
    Chest concentrations [email protected]
    Cable XO Low 15,15,[email protected] High 15,[email protected] Mid 10,[email protected]
    v-bar pushdown [email protected]@[email protected]

    Pretty weak day in the gym, friday was the first time doing ez-bar pullovers and my triceps are still ruined today. It made all pressing a nightmare. Just tried to maintain good form and get some stimulation out of the day.

    Purus Labs Rep

  4. 12-19 Legs

    Squat [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]
    Leg Press [email protected]
    DB Walking lunges 3x20 with 45s
    Leg Xt [email protected]
    Laying Leg Curl 15,12,[email protected]
    Seated Calf Raise [email protected]@[email protected]@135

    Solid leg day today will be going for [email protected] next week.

    Purus Labs Rep

  5. This log will be on pause for about a month. You can catch me here.
    Gamma Labs GFuel and Randoja Moving Iron
    Lecheek Mass HGH and Randoja getting huge.
    Purus Labs Rep

  6. this is where I have been, now I'm back to the old log for a bit.

    5-9 Shoulders

    OHP [email protected]@[email protected]@115
    DB Arnold [email protected]@[email protected]@55
    DB Lateral Raise [email protected] Played around a little with alternating palms down and then forward, will do again.
    Cable face pull [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
    BB Front Raise [email protected]
    Chin ups for fun 3x5 Never, ever, thought chin ups would be fun for me

    Pretty good day, still not getting up to my old numbers but the volume is easily maintained and I'm not that far off. Really all that is important to me is staying as big and strong in the shoulders as I can until I get back up on my calories. One thing to note about my face pulls is that I lean back on the weight so it doesn't pull my forward, I don't know if this is cheating or making it easier, but once I'm leaned back to balance my body doesn't move as I'm pulling. Chin ups went pretty good, yesterday I did some and got 10 in one set for a PR. Also it's kinda fun to lean back and keep your body limp and pull yourself up like you are rowing your chest to the bar, hopefully I will be able to add weight soon even if it's just a 5 or 10 to start.
    Purus Labs Rep

  7. 5-10 Back Biceps

    Chin ups 10,8,5 A PR overall
    UH Machine Row [email protected]@[email protected]
    S Cable Row [email protected]@[email protected]
    OADB Row [email protected]
    BB Curl [email protected]
    Alt Db curls 10 each arm Standard and Hammer 2 sets each alternated. All with #25

    Solid workout today, was by myself and basically relished the opportunity to "bro down" today. Went pretty slow and controlled all the weight today, got a ridiculous pump. Chin ups went really well too, got 10 to tie my PR then more sets. 3x10 is my goal before I put weight on them, I think I could do 3x8 right now.
    Purus Labs Rep

  8. Looking good rando. Those Arnold press numbers are pretty damn impressive bro. We need more rando vids tho!!
    PEScience Representative

  9. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    Looking good rando. Those Arnold press numbers are pretty damn impressive bro. We need more rando vids tho!!
    I know it bro, unfortunately my training has gone dark. I broke the cable that connects my phone to my computer, I need to get a new one so I can start uploading again. I'll be sure to have one by the first. That's when Devan and I are starting our new routine. At the moment what we have planned is this:

    Monday: 5/3/1 Deadlift No BBB (Week 1,2,3) 5/3/1 OHP with BBB (Week 3,2,1) I wont be doing the OHP progression backwards, just staggering the start so that either one exercise will be heavy and one light or both medium. Front Squats for 3 x 8-10.

    Tuesday: This is dynamic/hypertrophy day with chest and legs, Main exercises is weighted dips, and leg extensions/curls, calves. This is the day we will do cable crossovers and flys, and tricep work, I will also do curls on this day. 3 sets of 8-10 up the weight after you get 3x10.

    Wednesday: Rest

    Thursday: This will be more of a dynamic/hypertrophy back and bis day. Main exercises will be weighted chins, rows, face pulls, all performed at a bit higher rep range 8-10 for 3 sets or so, up the weight after you hit 3x10. I'll be doing curls on this day as well, biceps are a weak point for me.

    Friday: 5/3/1 Bench and Squat with the same arrangement as Monday. Might actually do BBB on this day just because there are 2 rest days following. Probably do the main exercises first, then come back and perform the BBB after I was done with all the heavy work. SLDL in the 3 x 8-10 range.

    Saturday, Sunday: Rest

    Edit: As time goes by the rep ranges on hypertrophy days and assistance will probably change between 6-12 reps.
    Purus Labs Rep

  10. Sweet man. I look forward to seeing those vids when I see an update in here!
    PEScience Representative

  11. 5-13 Chest, Triceps

    Chin Ups [email protected][email protected]+25 Only got up to my nose on rep 5 but I'm counting it.
    Bench Press [email protected]@[email protected]@205--5+1 [email protected]
    HS Incline [email protected]@[email protected]
    Cable XO High [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    V-bar Pressdown [email protected]
    DB OH XT [email protected]
    BB Curl 10,10,[email protected]

    Pretty darn good day in the gym, hit that weighted chin PR right off the bat and was pretty motivated. Used the competition bench at the gym today and felt like it was really easy to get tight on, put 205 up for some decent sets, I believe on my best benching 5/3/1 cycle I hit 205x 9 or 10 for week 1, so I think my bench is about to start coming back up.
    Purus Labs Rep

  12. I did legs yesterday but spilled protein shake on my notebook and had to throw out a bunch of pages. Today I got in to the gym for a few and did this:

    Chin ups [email protected]5,4,[email protected]+25[email protected] BW Pull ups--3 more BW chin ups
    BB Curl 8,8,[email protected]
    Purus Labs Rep

  13. Re subbed.
    Purus labs Rep
    doin it mountain dog style in here come along for the shred fest-

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Danb2285 View Post
    Re subbed.
    Thanks buddy!
    Purus Labs Rep

  15. You know I'm here
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @

  16. Still rocking it man! Chin-ups are great - they have crept their way into one of my favorite exercises

  17. Chin ups are like the upper body deadlift!!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  18. Quote Originally Posted by AZMIDLYF View Post
    Chin ups are like the upper body deadlift!!
    I thought dead lifts were the upper body Dead lift?!?
    Purus labs Rep
    doin it mountain dog style in here come along for the shred fest-

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    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  20. Thanks for the support fellas, it's only gonna get better from here.

    5-16 Shoulders

    PWO 1 scoop Muscle Marinade 3/4 Scoop Condense. I thought the Police would arrive at the gym at any time, cause from start to finish I never stopped killing it!

    Pull Ups 8 +5 Reps
    SOHP [email protected]@[email protected]@135--[email protected]@145 I think I would have gotten 145 strict if I tried it before 155.
    DB Arnold [email protected]@50--[email protected]
    DB Lateral Raise [email protected]
    BB Front Raise [email protected]
    Cbl Face Pull [email protected]@150--[email protected] Slightly sloppy
    Pull ups 8 again!

    Great day at the gym, so happy with my cut. 3.5 months in down 20lbs, deadlift up 20 lbs, pull ups increased by 6 reps, chins increased by +25lbs matched reps, maintained squat and bench strength, and PRd at my first competition. It just doesn't get any better IMO. 2 more weeks and then bring on the calorie surplus!
    Purus Labs Rep

  21. Killin it dude!
    Purus labs Rep
    doin it mountain dog style in here come along for the shred fest-

  22. Thanks broham, feeling good!
    Purus Labs Rep

  23. Skipped back day on friday cause I was moving, but everything is done, woke up in my new house and smashed some weight.

    5-20 Chest Triceps

    1 pull up--[email protected]+25[email protected][email protected]@bw
    Bench [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@185
    BB Incline [email protected]@[email protected]
    Mchn Fly [email protected]@[email protected]
    Skull crusher 10,10,[email protected]
    Rope tri xt [email protected]@70

    Good day in the gym, bench is still on the rise, pull ups and chins as well.
    Purus Labs Rep

  24. 5-23 Shoulders

    SOHP [email protected]@[email protected]@135
    DB Arnold [email protected][email protected]@60[email protected]
    DB Lateral Raise [email protected]
    BB Front Raise 10,8,[email protected]

    Pretty good day today, feeling pretty large at only 175 lbs too.
    Purus Labs Rep


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