SkinnyFatty goes all leangains and **** (with ERASE/DAA)

  1. SkinnyFatty goes all leangains and **** (with ERASE/DAA)

    Hey everyone,

    I'm not new to lifting- been lifting on and off for 5 years. But I'm new to being serious enough to actually make some progress. I think i've suffered a severe case of ****arounditis for many years and my physique shows that.

    Anyway, I've finally had enough and decided its time to break this lofty goal I've always had regarding my body into manageable steps.

    Step one: Cut the fat down to 10% <<< THIS LOG
    Step two: Lean bulk for 12-18 months slowly, until around 205-210lbs
    Step three: Cut again (if needed) to 8-10%
    Step four: Reevaluate and make new goals

    Current stats: 6'3, 200lbs, 18-20% bf (estimate)
    I've been cutting for two weeks and am down for 206lbs so far. Not much to show in the mirror yet.


    Leangains diet. Not going to go through all the details (big ass thread on this forum if you want more info). Not shooting for an exact calorie mark every day (personally makes me want to shoot myself).

    Training days: Eating around maintenance or just above with moderate everything. (2700-3100 calories, 150-200g protein)
    Non training days: Eating 500-1000 calories below maintenance with high protein and low carb (1800-2200 calories)


    Day 1:
    Squats: Reverese Pyramid, rep range 3-5 (increase weight when hit 5) for 3 sets
    Skullcrushers 6-10 reps 3 sets
    Tricep pulldowns 6-10 reps 2 sets

    Day 3:
    Bench press Reverse Pyramid as for squats
    Dumbell military press 3 sets 6-10 reps
    Lateral raises 2 sets 6-10 reps

    Day 5:
    Deadlift RP as with squats
    Weighted Chins RP as with squats
    Seated row 2 sets 6-10 reps
    bicep hammer curls 3 sets 6-10 reps

    Aiming to increase on the big 4 squats, deads, chins and bench as I go, despite cutting. Max effort goes into these big moves.

    BCAA prior to training (xtend)
    PES erase 1 cap in morning, 1 cap afternoon
    DAA: Havent decided on dose yet, start monday

    and thats it... hopefully will see some progress finally. input welcome


  2. Starting pics

    Name:  DSC00510.JPG
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Size:  131.0 KBName:  DSC00511.JPG
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  3. So just started the erase yesterday at one in the morning and 2 in the evening... can't say i've noticed or felt anything different.. not certain I'm meant too

    Went for a 5km run last night, no joint stiffness to report. Diet was not great (birthday party) but I didn't go overboard.

    Weight this morning: 89.4kg

  4. Diet was great yest.... chicken and pumpking to break the fast, eye fillet and veggies for diner, some more chicken and some apricots before bed. 2 erase tablets as well.

    Today: Not so good on the diet, but I had an exam today and felt terrible after (did ok but just exhausted) so grabbed the nearest food available. Probably wont exceed calorie limit for day, just junk.

    I've been taking a break from training as I have 3 of my 4 end of year exams today, tomorrow and wed. While i know some will say its slack, im really pushed to get the study done in time and I have to put my education first here, so trying to maintain the diet whilst having a few days off the gym.

    Starting weight: 92.0kg
    Weight this morning: 88.8kg
    Total loss: 3.2kg

  5. also DAA arrived today... win

  6. Thinking of adding some Dimethylamylamine (geranium) and caffeine to the Erase + DAA. Any thoughts?

  7. Okay, so after 3 exams in 3 days (4 hours sleep across the three days) I'm back in the gym.

    Decided to hit the shoulders today as I'm absolutely exhausted from the exam lack of sleep constant studying phase i just went through, so wanted to avoid big lifts like squats or deads as im sure I'd have passed out :/

    dumbell shoulder press, 50lbs each hand x 12, 10, 9, 7
    Lateral raises: 22lbs each hand, 10, 9, 9
    Front raises: 25lbs each hand, 12, 12, 10

    Felt pretty good considering the rough past few days.

    I've not yet noticed anything from the ERASE, but the DAA is def kicking in, libido is up and feel stronger. Starting to notice some changes in the mirror, will post some pics up soon. Thinking of upping the erase to alternating between 3 and 2 pills a day soon.


  8. also grabbed some vitamin D tabs for the AI effect, and some vitB tabs or energy. Diet has been pretty solid as well, around 2000k on non workout days and 2700k on workout days.

  9. Weighed in this morning.

    Starting weight: 92kg
    Weight: 88.2Kg
    Loss: 3.8kg

    Today: 3 erase (up from 2) + 3g DAA + 1000IU vit D + VitBcomplex
    Diet: Little slack today, but within calorie limits.
    Training: 3 rounds of 4minutes TABATA HIIT (20seconds full intensity, 10 seconds rest for 4 minutes continuous). Was hard, had a massive sweat going, loved it.

  10. Update:

    Exams are over: thank god. Now can focus more on my training. Haven't been lifting heavy due to exam pressues but I've been getting in some runs and tabata circuit training when I can. Diet been ok.

    Weighed in this morning as 87.7kg so down another 0.5kg.
    Took some progress pics. Here they are.

    Starting photos:

    Name:  DSC00469.JPG
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    Name:  DSC00471.JPG
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    4 weeks on:

    Name:  DSC00537.JPG
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Size:  97.6 KBName:  DSC00538.JPG
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    Obviously not alot of change... down about 10lbs on the scale but i think 4lbs or so was water weight, and the other 6lbs.. well i can see a little difference, but not as much as I'd hoped for. Anyway, keep on plugging away

  11. is 3g daily of DAA a good dose or should i up it?

  12. 19/11/11

    Back into the weights room finally. sick of all this cardio :P

    Last night hada cheat night... drinks with some mates + chocolate and some lollies eeek so was keen to get a good sweat on today and make sure I didn't do any damage

    Bench press: 200lbs x 6, 187lbs x 8, 187lbs x 5
    Incline Dumbell press 90lbs x 12, x 8
    Dumbell Shoulder press 66lbs x 11 x 9 x 7
    Dumbell Shrugs 120lbs x 12 x 11

    15 minutes on the treadmill at 11kph

    Training was fasted with 7g BCAA's + 5g creatine + 3g DAA
    2 erase am + 1 erase pm as usual, 1000IU D3 and B complex as well

    Broke fast with 5 eggs, 2 slices wholegrain multiseed bread, 1 banana, 1 whey protein shake. Bit light on calories but wasn't feeling the hunger today.

    Haven't had my second meal (last meal) yet but will aim for around 7-800 calories with at least 80g protein

  13. 21/11

    Weekend was a bit sloppy with diet.
    With that in mind i probably 'overdid' my warmup on the treadmill... 8mph for about 20-25 minutes... bit tired when i went to the weights :/
    Still managed

    Barbell squats: 220lbs x 5 x 5 x 5
    Tricep pulldown: 6 plates (not sure of weight) x 15 x 13 x 11
    Skullcrushers: 55lbs x 10 x 8

  14. 22/11/2011

    6-7km outside run, pushed it to the max. Exhausted after.
    Diet good, starting to notice less fat on the quads in particular, they are really bulging out. Stomach fat seems the least willing to budge but im sure it will come off over the next 4-6lbs.

    Weight currently around 87.5kg

  15. 23/11


    5 min jog warmup
    Deadlift: 265lb x 6, 235lb x 6, 220lbs x 7 (totally exhuasted after this. heavy for me.)
    Bodyweight chins x 8 x 7 x 6
    Hammer curls 66lbs x 10 x 7
    cable rows 11 plates x 8, 10 plates x 8, 9 plates x 7

    Training was fasted, broke fast with a 400g T-bone steak, 100g rice and some curried sausage, celery, carrot, couple of stawberries and a glass of OJ with DAA in it

    Weight this morning: 87.2kg

    Will post up some progress pics next week

  16. do you think you've seen any results from the Erase?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by scroogemcduck View Post
    do you think you've seen any results from the Erase?
    Hard to say really. I haven't really 'felt' anything from it, no sides like dry joints. Taking 3 per day at the moment.

    That said im leaning out nicely, starting to see a bit of ab here and there. How much the Erase is contributing to that is impossible to tell.
    Definitley noticed increases in strength and libido since starting the DAA, with no estrogen sides at all so maybe erase is helping keep my E in check.

    So at the moment I'd say it's potentially doing a good job, but to be certain of its effectiveness you'd probably need to look at logs which have run it independantly (and probably by more experienced trainers than me who are really sensitive to body comp changes).

    Thanks for reading my log

  18. 24/11

    I have the worst case of back DOMS ever... must have done something right (or wrong) yesterday. Really sore all over so took the day off from cardio to rest up.

    Going to sydney for a mini holiday next two days, so gonna be a 2 day refeed i guess, ill try and keep it under control so i don't do any/much damage

  19. 28/11/11

    Soo... naughty weekend in sydney. Big time refeed haha absolutley went crazy on the food and wine. Sigh. Jumped on the scale this morning seem to be about 2lbs up so not too bad i hope most of that is water. Gym today had more cardio to punish myself for the lax weekend.

    Started with a 20 minute all out run at 12.5kph on the treadmill

    Then Bench press 200lbs x 6 187lbs x 6 181lbs x 6
    Incline dumbell press 100lbs x 10 x 8
    Shoulder press 70lbs x 10 x 8 x 7

    Then back on the treadmill for another 10 minutes at 11kph. Was totally exhuasted after this, but felt good to get back into the swing of things.

    Looking in the mirror i look a little bloated but i dont think i did too much damage on the weekend hopefully. Anyway a solid week should put me back on track.

  20. 29/11 - 5 km run
    30/11 - 4 hours of backbreaking cement shovelling and barrowing, cement mixing, labouring. Still can barely walk :/

    Update pic: Hopefully sydney weekend didn't set me back too far. heres the original vs now.

    Name:  DSC00469.JPG
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    Name:  DSC00729.JPG
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  21. Hi all. Motivation a little down at the moment, although im seeing the weight slowly tick away on the scale Im struggling to see it in the photos/mirror. Oh well, keep persisting.

    Went for a 2.5km run today and did some bench press at 210lbs in the gym. Was meant to be an off day but i was bored. Did some bench cause my chest feels fully recovered from monday and wednesday and I have legs tomorrow and just felt like pushing some weight :P. Good to see my strength isn't falling.

    Going to have a refeed tomorrow, diet has been good this week probably around a 4000-5000 deficit for the week, so i should be good for a refeed about 1-2k above maintenance. Hopefully that'll give me some energy + help me drop some water weight in the days after.

    Current weight sitting in the low 87's so not much change there, about 5kg down from starting weight. Next mini goal is to get down to 85kg in 4 weeks.


  22. 4/12/2011

    Barbell Squats: 220lbs x 8 x 7 x 7
    Tricep pulldown: 6 plates x 19, 7 plates x 10, 6 plates x 11
    Bodyweight dips (below parallel) x 15 x 13
    10 minute treadmill run at 11kph

    Squats felt good will be upping to 230lbs next week.

  23. This is a good log, i'm naturally skinny fat and have been thinking about trying lean gains as well. I'm 250lbs right now and my calories are so high that I can't have a social life during my bulk :/ .... I've gained 100 lbs and i'm super afraid of switching diets and losing my gains

  24. Quote Originally Posted by nonidentity View Post
    This is a good log, i'm naturally skinny fat and have been thinking about trying lean gains as well. I'm 250lbs right now and my calories are so high that I can't have a social life during my bulk :/ .... I've gained 100 lbs and i'm super afraid of switching diets and losing my gains
    mate props on the 100lbs gain, thats amazing. How much of is it was lean? You still bulking or gonna cut?

    I was the same man on the 6-7 meals a day dogma i was constantly obsessing over food and always losing motivation. As as student i have a crazy schedule and trying to always be one step ahead and get my meals on time etc was a nightmare i hated it. Leangains fits so well into my lifestyle, ive found it to be an absolute godsend in terms of being able to stick to it and enjoy my food while still hitting my calorie targets etc.

    If your wanting to bulk on leangains, i think it would work well with say a 0/+20 approach, but its definately more suited to recomps and cuts by nature. If your trying to lower bf% and not lose your hardgained muscle then I'd say leangains is perfect, intermittent fasting has repeatedly been show to not only be healthy, but to preserve muslce mass and strength while cutting fat.

    Give it a go man it'll free up your life again, and you'll be able to get those calories in a few giant meals which gives you less time to worry about eating and more time to have fun

  25. Ok during the week i did a few HEAVY labouring jobs eg lifting 40lb rolls of turf probably 5-600 times over 5 or 6 hours up a muddy steep slope. Was totally exhuasted/muscles aching during the week so I stayed out of the gym as I knew it'd be messy. Feeling better so went for a 3km fast run yesterday, today was in the gym doing back/bis.

    Pullups x 10 x 7 x 6
    Deadlift 240lbs x 8 x 7
    Cable seated rows 10blocks x 11 x 10
    Bicep curls 66lbs x 12 x 10

    Felt a little weak. Want to get more pullups out and increase the deadlift.

    Have really hit a plateau the last two weeks. No weight drop at all. Diet has been ok but a few slip ups. Feel like i really need to get on song with the diet and up the intensity of the cardio to see if i can keep progressing before i consider cutting the calories down more.


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