Christine's so its that time again log!

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  1. Christine's so its that time again log!

    The beginning of the New Year leaves me heavier than I've ever been! Though theres no regrets on my part. It was spent with friends and good food!

    However the Arnolds rolling in so its time to lean out. This will be my training log as long as I can stand typing. My laptop harddrive is bad and I have to use safe mode. So every 5th word it jumps my typing to another line, it takes forever to type!!

    I'll add my info later!

  2. go get it C

  3. i'll be at the arnold, maybe we can hang out
    good luck!

  4. We may be in to train today on our own. My trainer will not be back until Mon and the weekend is usually off time for me, but I may anyway.

    I should be at the Arnold all the time Hunt me up!

    I'll be on a typical comp diet starting maybe sun or Mon.

    Supps will probably be

    Lipo PM at night
    DCP and either glycobol or recompadrol

    and staples as well

    I may change it as I get different things in and see how I feel on them.

    I will be hitting cardio on my treadmill today as well.

  5. I should mention that cardio will be daily and possibly 2 times a day toward the end if needed.

    I train as follows
    Mon legs
    Tue shoulders
    Wed chest and leg shaping
    Thur back
    Fri arms

    with abs thrown in on any of the days. I train using some plyometrics and free weights with 4 sets of 15 reps.

    We also do heavy days with 10 reps to 6 reps.

    We use free weights, machines and alot of balance core work.

  6. Well cardio is out of the way for the day!!!

  7. So far so good on 30-40 min of daily cardio. Today begins my gym week.

    I've also added bitter melon in to my fatloss stack.

  8. I need to start the cardio thing again too. I just hate to. maybe 15 minutes worth post workout won't be too bad

  9. Shoulders

    3 sets of barbell overhead to the front and behind head for 10 reps

    4 sets of dumbell side raises alternating arms for 10 each arm supersetted with 6 pop push ups.

    4 sets of 15 pronated overhead presses with 6 front raises.

    triple set of 30 mountain climbers on dumbells with 10 up and back and 15 reverse pec deck for 4 sets.

    Then 15 rep barbell upright rows for 4 sets.

    We did other stuff but I'm wiped out and cant remember it, cardio was early today.

  10. Chest

    Started with 15 reps on the pec deck with 10 pop push ups for 4 sets.

    Did 4 sets of incline flyes touching the bottom end together at the top.

    Did 4 sets of cable flyes for 15 reps with 15 decline sit ups.

    Did 6 sets of 6 rep heavy dumbell presses

    Did 4 sets of lying overhead extensions for 15 reps with 15 push ups.

    And that was it..I trained alone so we chatted some. I love my trainer!

    Did 15 min of morning cardio will do more tonight.

    Oh and the bad news I weighed in at 126lb, some muscle some fat

  11. Back day, train like a freak and thus become one!

    Trained alone, nobody else wanted to brave the bad roads.

    Started with 10 T bar rows supersetted with 10 pulldowns. 4 sets

    Then moved to seated wide cable rows for 15 reps and 4 sets.

    Then did 6 per side of single arm 50lb squat into a deadlift supersetted with between the leg cable pullthroughs for 15 reps and 4 sets.

    Then did pull ups for 10 laying under a squat rack then stood up and did bent over rows with the bar for 10 reps and 4 sets.

    And called it a night due to the roads. Cardio was 40 min in the am.

  12. The survivors keep going when everyone else has given up or can't be bothered. You're a survivor, Christine! Keep on keeping on going! (Man, I am going to be so sick of cardio by the time the Arnold comes around).

  13. Lol I'm already sick of it

  14. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Lol I'm already sick of it
    I'm used to doing hours of it from when I was cycling, but if there's no call for it for competition re endurance sport then it'll be nice when I only have to do one short 20-minute session in the morning again and no more! It's taking longer and longer to motivate myself to get training in the morning...

  15. 218 today

  16. Hi Christine, I will be watching your log and hope it inspires me to lose some holiday weight. Good luck.

  17. LOL go Eric!!!

    Hi Mac, long time no see!! Today the kids are out on a snow day. I have arms today and the kids want to go sledding. However its only 17 degrees out with windy conditions so I'm not sure if we will go. If we do it won't be for long.

    I'm seeing a difference in the mirror which is helpful. I can see my abs although lacking the depth I like too see in them.

    I'm using thermogum for my cardio and Krillipid in addition to fish oil.

    I've also been using the Alphaburn with my stims.

    Oh and of course the Noxidant.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    I have arms today
    Legs too, I hope. :-D

    We need before and after pics!

  19. I think by 214-216 i'll be as lean as I was in the avatar picture (which was at 200). and then its downwards from there

  20. Looks like you've started off well! I'm getting back into the roll of things after gaining that holiday weight as well. Cardio is not so fun.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by MacTech View Post
    Legs too, I hope. :-D

    We need before and after pics!
    Before and after pics of my arms

  22. I take 2 days off a week from the gym, although still do cardio. Yesterday and Sunday will be those 2 days. I doubt I will post my sets because it will just be a heavy day with 6-10 reps, nothing special.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

  23. uck, I skipped my workout yesteday, and then didn't make up for it today so far and doubt I will. I guess tomorrow I do the scheduled workout.


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