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  1. Tuesday 11-17-09 shoudlers/tri's

    oly press 90x6 95x6,6

    hang cleans 115x8,8,8( these gas the heck out of ya at higher reps, damn)

    arnold press 40x10 45x10

    side laterals 20x12,12

    cg bench 135x6 175x6,6

    rope push downs 95x6,6,6

    single arm pushdowns 47x6,6

    Not a bad workout. shoudler really coming along with this workout. The oly bar corner press and hang cleans are a lot of fun to do. The hang cleans hit my traps so much that the soreness in them will give me a dull headache for a couple days. Love it!!!!

  2. Thursday 11-19-09 Back

    T-bar 125x6 135x6,6

    wg pulldowns 180x6,6,6

    rg rows 185x6,6,6

    smith one arm rows 65x6 75x6,6

    seated GM 135x6,6,6

    hypers 45x10,10



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