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  1. Friday 11-6-09 Bi's'Tri's

    CAble curls 67x15 72x12 77x8

    preachers 95x15 100x12

    concentration curls 30x15 30x10+2

    cg bench 85x15 105x12 115x8

    skulls 65x15 (did no more skulls from here on out as they were hurting my shoulder. for that matter im probably not going to do them period)

    single arm pushdowns 27x15 32x12

    Not a great tricep workout. Gonna have to rethink my 2nd and third exercises since skulls are now out of the question. Any input out there...

  2. MONDAY 11-9-09 LEGS

    Leg Ext 140x15 150x12 160x8

    BB Lunges 95x15 105x12 115x8

    Leg Press 250x15 270x12

    SLDL 135x15 145x12 155x8

    Lying Leg Curls 75x15 85x12 95x8

    Calf Press 190x15 200x15 210x15

    Calf Ext 290x15,15,15

    Wasnt going to post this leg w/o as it was just awfull in stregth. For that matter i felt it was down right imbarassing. However, i decided to go ahead and post it up. Gonna get a months worth of a lower back workout in before returning to squats. For 2 reasons, 1) want to make sure my back isnt going to fail out on me 2) if it doesnt fail out with the low back workouts then strengthen it some before putting the bar back across my shoulders with heavy weight.

  3. Tuesday 11-10-09 chest/bi's

    db press 80x15,12 90x8

    incline db press 60x15 70x12 80x8

    flat flyes 50x15,12

    bb curls 75x15 85x12 95x8

    preachers 75x15 85x12

    seated db curl 30x15,12

    rev. curl 55x15 65x12

  4. Thursday 11-12-09 Back

    cg pulldowns 160x15 170x12 180x8

    t-bar rows 90x15 100x12 115x8

    rg rows 140x15 150x12

    seated rows 155x15 165x12

    seated good morn. 100x15 110x12 120x8

    hypers BWx15,12,12

    cardio 20 minutes traedmill

  5. Monday 11-16-09 Chest/bi's

    smith bench 195x6,6,6 (think my benching is over for a while. shoulder didnt like this)

    incline flyes 55x6,6,6

    low cable x-overs 27x6,6,6

    BB curl 105x6,6,6

    preacher 105x6,6,6

    db curl 55x4+2 55x5+1

    Ok workout. Still getting my strength back from the layoff. But it is progressing so thats all i can ask for

  6. Tuesday 11-17-09 shoudlers/tri's

    oly press 90x6 95x6,6

    hang cleans 115x8,8,8( these gas the heck out of ya at higher reps, damn)

    arnold press 40x10 45x10

    side laterals 20x12,12

    cg bench 135x6 175x6,6

    rope push downs 95x6,6,6

    single arm pushdowns 47x6,6

    Not a bad workout. shoudler really coming along with this workout. The oly bar corner press and hang cleans are a lot of fun to do. The hang cleans hit my traps so much that the soreness in them will give me a dull headache for a couple days. Love it!!!!

  7. Thursday 11-19-09 Back

    T-bar 125x6 135x6,6

    wg pulldowns 180x6,6,6

    rg rows 185x6,6,6

    smith one arm rows 65x6 75x6,6

    seated GM 135x6,6,6

    hypers 45x10,10


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