How you do? I'm 7 weeks into eating right, and 4 weeks into venom 3.0, and cardio. what i'm looking for is what to take next? I'm 4-5 weeks ahead of scheule. I had a goal to get to 8% at 190 by june 1st. I start at 215 @ 20.2%BF, and as of 2day im 195 @ 11.3, i'm only about 2 weeks out of getting there and dont know what to do next. i dont want to lose any more weight after i reach my goal, i'm burnt on pills, i'm going to take a 2 week nothin in my system after that, then what do i go to? i gauge my results by reps on bench, i was at 315x12 to 9 now,my arms were 18-1/4 and still the same, and waist went from 35 to 31-1/2 and i can see a little part of a sixpack, and i know i will see it at the goal. but if i make it to goal to early, do i stay eating good durning summer and try to lift heavier to make that 190 to 195, i want to pulse M-drol, and see if i can get my strength back and maybe with that same strenght add a couple of good pound, and just hangout like that til fall, slow my cardio up from 4-5 days a week to 2, and do i get or do fatburners still? it was my first time with venom, and i have to say Woe!! my wife sagged half the bottle, so if i can get some replies i would like to order something that sound right to what i hope to do next. any help is much appreciated