Recomp Time, could use some help

  1. Recomp Time, could use some help

    I have about 8 weeks left on 750mg of test a week and i'm going to recomp on this last part of my cycle.

    Diet: I've been eating 4000+ calories (with minimal cardio)for a while now but been gaining a lot of size on that so i'm going to drop to about 3000-3300 (270protein/60fat/300 carbs) calories a day adding in cardio. I'll see how that goes after a week then adjust accordingly. My stats are 6'0'' 240lbs about 14.5% bf.

    Training: I'm currently doing a push/pull/leg/rest/repeat split. Since I'm adding in cardio, reducing calories, and not trying to pack on muscle like i was before, do you think I should change up my split to something like one bodypart per workout, so each workout will be shorter and less volume and I can add about 20-30 minutes of medium intensity cardio after my workouts, and 45min-1hr cardio on rest days.

    My Goals for the end of this cycle would be to drop 5lbs down to about 235, gain a bit of muscle, at a minmum retain my strength and shed some bodyfat.

    I thinking of adding in BCAA's before workouts and during longer intensity cario sessions. Also going to add in a mild dose of t3 50mcg is the plan right now after a week or two.

    Any imput would be awesome! I've never done a recomp before, i would appreciate any help

  2. seems that if you dont talk about "designer steroids" your posts dont get answered here.

  3. I wouldn't change your split. I find more fat is burned the more muscle used per workout. Try using short rest periods but heavy weight, with complexes.

  4. Adding cardio and reducing your kcal consumption by 10% is always the place to start. The test will keep you anabolic and help out the recomp.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

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