brywal312's weight loss plan

  1. brywal312's weight loss plan

    I am taking Dialene 4, Vaporize and am considering Reset AD because i have been a heavy abuser of caffiene over the years. I am 6' tall 210 lbs and want to get down into the 180-190 range by the end of the summer. I just had a fitness eval and will post bf% and other info soon.

    I am getting up at 6am and taking a dose of dialene then I do cardio for about 45min before work - tradmill/bike ect.

    I drink a protien shake and take the first dose of Vaporize at about 8am.

    For lunch I am usually having some variation of chicken baked/grilled/rotiserie or turkey. I am also taking another dose of vaporize

    about 3PM I take my other dose of Dialene

    At 5pm I go to the gym and do my major workout.
    10min warmup/stretching then I begin to do weights. I do not have a schedule or log of the weight exercises I have been doing, it has been pretty much just exercising whatever isnt sore until failure.

    Dinner I eat whatever I can find that is high protien low calories - turkey/chicken/bald eagle ect.. jk about the eagle
    and I take another dose of Vaporize

    I am going to do cardio 5 days a week and weight training in some form of alternation which I have not yet decided.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
    Also, this forum is awesome, I have gained so much information from just browsing.

  2. I just ordered citruval, ragnarok and reset AD to add to this.

    Health Eval - HDL cholesterol is low
    Body weight: 213
    Lean body Mass: 164.6
    Fat Mass 48.4 lbs
    Basal Metabolic Rate 2340
    Fat Mass 22.7%

  3. I just finished going a week without stims and only taking reset ad. Today before I worked out i took my ragnarock, citrovol, and bronkaid. I FELT LIKE I WAS ON CRAAACK!!! It was arm day and did about 50% more work than the last arm day taking the same stuff! I worked arms for about 2 hours. About 30 minutes after I left the gym though my blood sugar bombed and i had to jump for the protein and simple sugars quick. Now i am feeling back to normal but seriously, Reset-AD isnt any joke! It felt like the first time I drank a Red Bull back before i started hitting the gym. HUGE props for an awesome product!!!

  4. I am about to start a cycle of 11-oxo and mass fx - muahahahha

  5. Quote Originally Posted by brywal312 View Post
    I am about to start a cycle of 11-oxo and mass fx - muahahahha
    Hellz yeh!! Who recommended this, what a guy...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck. View Post
    Hellz yeh!! Who recommended this, what a guy...
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to bLacKjAck. again.


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