Starting an albuterol log

  1. Starting an albuterol log

    Starting an albuterol log when I get my shipment from IBE. Basic info...

    Weight: 185
    Bodyfat: 13.5-15%
    Height: 5'9

    Abs somewhat visible, pretty visible under good lighting. I've started to stall slightly under my macros, and would like to continue fat loss without lowering cals. I will be taking 1 benadryl before bed a few days into the cycle. Cardio will be e/d at 130 HR. The diet is in check, but I can't really give macro breakdown specifics, except that I'm doing somewhat of a carb cycle... days of 120g carbs, trace carbs, and refeed days.

    I have 0 clen experience and would like to keep it that way.

    Anyone who's used albuterol before want to give me some pointers? Anything further I should know about?

  2. Rage has a great log about his experinece with albuterol. Just search that and it should come right up.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT
    Rage has a great log about his experinece with albuterol. Just search that and it should come right up.
    HEy, thanks a lot, man.

    For reference purposes, here you go:

    FYI, there is no need to start Benedryl a few night before. This will only be done when you need to refresh your receptors which Albuterol seemed to be pretty good on. I would recommend trying out the first week without anything then add the benedryl if you feel you are experience dimishing returns.

    Best of luck. It sounds like you have everything in check. You can take your cardio as high as 140bpm but if you want to stay 130 that's completely fine. You should definetely experience some increase in endurance and 130bpm will soon feel like a walk in the park.

  4. I also had a great albuterol experience. Cardio will definetly become a breeze on this stuff. Clen is the devil and I would never reccommend it to anyone who likes not feeling like a crack head. Keep your dosages even through out the day and be prepared to sweat....alot....good luck.

  5. Thanks for the responses guys. Yeah actually I read everyone's albuterol logs on the board, which inspired me to do this.

    Did you all notice a large increase in BMR? ie: Do you think you would have lost weight keeping diet the same and not adding the extra cardio. I don't think that I'll be adding in more cardio, as I'm already doing 40 mins/day at 130HR.



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