bulking ?

  1. bulking ?

    This may be anal but I was reworking my diet plan and toatl calories. Well my BMR is 3480. With my current diet plan the total calories are 3969 but when I took the grams of protein, carbs, fat & multiplied by 4,4,9 the total calories added up to 3469.5. With protein being 265.5g.carbs 474.3g, fat 56.7g roughly coming out to 31%,55%,15%. Yes that is 101% but I rounded up!. Anyway i think the carb intake is too high but what i dont understand is how come the calories dont match up when I multiply the grams by 4,4,9??? So far I have gained about 7/8lbs (206) in a 5 weeks. any comments?

  2. I'd take in about 100 grams of fat, and cut down a little on the carbs. Look into liquid flax for a good source of fats. Fat is also important for hormone production and other health functions as well.

  3. http://www.hhp.ufl.edu/keepingfit/ARTICLE/dailyfat.htm

    what about this mine is 123g of fat a day, I did the numbers and if I get that and reduce my carbs then I would be at 30% fat then I would have the 30/40/30 ratio.

  4. thats the ratio I use...the reason your calories don't match up is because of food labels...they are whacky...


  5. The 4,4,9 kcals/gram for each respective macronutrient is just an estimation determined by a bomb calorimeter. It doesn't say a whole heck of a lot about how foods are processed inside our bodies biochemically (and thus how much energy they provide for a given hormonal state). As a rough guide it is decent but a little misleading. The number of calories you ingest does not necessarily equal the number you absorb in some instances.

    Basically, don't worry about minute calorie details. If you are off by 40 or 50 one way or another at the end of the day, its not that big of a deal.



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