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    Okay. This belongs in a more "General" heath forum - but we don't have one here.. I've decided to go on an insane health-chase. I'm assuming I can use a major Candida (pronounced can-die-duh) cleanse. I'm now shopping at a new "Whole" foods store in my area an I'm buying only 100% Organic products (costed my Wife and I $500.00 for a month's worth of food).. I'm basically staying away from preservatives, other chemicals and things like MSG. I'm even ceasing drinking water with Flouride.. I recently read a book about this stuff and it all boils down to bad health in the long run.

    The man who wrote the book stated how he (and many others) who visit other countries for long periods of time seem to lose a lot of weight and, generally, feel better. He looked into the possible reasons for this and noticed that our foods have a lot of ADDICTIVE junk (like MSG - which not only makes you fat, but makes you addicted to what you're eating - and it's in almost all our food) and other chemicals.

    To make a long story short, I'm wondering if anyone on here is on the same page as me.. Has anyone done this kind of thing before? I'm wondering what types of protein supplements I can use without preservatives or other chemicals that'll screw-up this new program.

    Also. If anyone is familiar with Candida cleanse and/or Colon cleanse, let me know if it's okay to take both simultaneously...

    Thanks in advance...

  2. 42 views and not a single reply.. I'm definitely alone here, aren't I....

  3. Since my wife has UC, I'm slowly trying to get us on all organic and chemical free foods and lifestyle. It ain't easy as you're finding out. I do what we can afford at the moment but someday I'll have us eating right. In her case I'm trying to get us away from grains and sugars at the very least.

    We've done Dr Natura's colon cleanse before and I have to say I liked the effects. It's a slow cleanse done over a month and is gentle. It detoxes nicely..lost a couple pounds, cleared my skin up a little, and got some extra energy afterwards.

    Candida control is best achieved by eliminating grains and sugars in the diet, taking quality pro-biotics..iFlora's Candida Control seems to work well. You can also take Pau d'Arco and a whole host of other anti-fungal herbs. We've never had a huge Candida problem so it's hard to gauge but my wife hasn't had a yeast infection in a very long time which I think is due mainly to the pro-b's.

  4. Thank you for replying, Bioman.. What types of protein supplements can we take on this type of whole foods, natural diet?

    What is UC?

    And what exactly do ProBiotics do? Are they natures antibiotics? Ones that don't kill the good bacteria in your stomach?

  5. I've briefly tried resorting to the strictest of healthy eating a few times in the last 5 years or so. It's never really helped me out much though. I either didn't notice any change in my situation, or I became disatisfied with food selection and satiety. Either way, each time I decided it wasn't worth the extra money, effort, and prep time.

    There have been a lot of studies done on organic foods, but I don't think any of them showed any benefits that justified the outrageous increase in cost. That's my take anyways.

    If I had a little more extra cash every month, I would definetly try a high-quality probiotic. I believe these supplements are worth the money and could make a reasonable difference.

    I also have an intenstinal bowel disease, and eating organic has never helped me out. Sometimes things got worse, but this was because of a particular food that I was not accustomed to. All in all, I don't have too much problem as long as I avoid sugary foods, dairy, and beans. Most everything else is fine as long as it's in moderation.

    Good luck with this change. You are probably a much better cook then I am, so you'll have less problem making food taste good. Let us know how this works out.

  6. UC = Ulcerative colitis

    Nearly all protein powders have some "unnatural" ingredients. There's a pure whey product sold over at that is from grass fed. chemical free dairy cows but it is crazy expensive..especially for bodybuilder.

    My main focus rigt now is avoiding high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, sugars (except when we break down and get a dessert) and limiting consumption of grains. We haven't been able to eliminate them. We also got rid of our old teflon cookware as it was needing replacement and it's now been shown to leach flouridated compounds into your food. We just use stainless cookware now.

    I kinda doubt we'll ever get our diet "pure" because as Rhino stated, it can be a drag sometimes and we like to eat for enjoyment like everyone else.

    I focus on keeping us on quality supplements to help offset the damage. Many purists scoff at this approach but I view it as realistic and at the very least, insures that we're getting enough vital nutrients and avoid deficiencies and such.

  7. Thank you. Luckily, I have my Wife cooking for me. Besides breakfast, I'm not much of a cook either.. I'm mainly trying to stay away from MSG, high fructose corn syrup and a few of the unknowns.. These things may not be too bad in the short-term (maybe they are, I don't know), but I'd rather stay far away from them anyway. The food is actually very tasty. I'm surprised that some of it is even better.. And it's just a nice feeling to look at the ingredients and see only familiar ones - and very few at that. Even a box of cereal, these days, has too many ingredients and preservatives that has long-term effects nobody knows about yet..

    The major supermarkets are in business to make money. The products being sold are by companies who are cutting back on processes in order to make more money. All of this is in the worst-interests of our health. Companies like McDonalds (as well as all the other fast food joints, restaurant chains, etcetera) have no need for MSG - other than creating a good reason for slogans like, "What You Crave", "No One Can Eat Just One", and "Gotta Have It". Food was just as tasty in 1950 before MSG start popping up. I don't need another addiction - especially if it's to fat...


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