Step By Step Keto Diet Plan!

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  1. Yeah i don't really think about fibre, but I do alright. I think I eat more vegetables then I should though.

    I've always been a bit believer in vegetables and that's what I dislike most about this diet. Also, i don't like having 1 glass of milk being 12g of carbs :P

    Is the limit 20-30g? I find that on some days I can purely eat meat. If i'm going chicken breast and lamb chops I reckon my carbs would be under 10g easily. But i drink natural whey shakes and they have a little more carbs then usual. I guess I end up around 15g a day if i'm lucky

  2. I have about 15-20(20 rarely) grams of fiber, and then prolly 10-15g of norm carbs, and I still stay deep in keto, so it really depends on your body, just keep checking till you find the perfect amount for you.

    I've heard of people that have about 50g of carbs a day, 30 or so fiber, and 20 of their norm ones.

    I don't like to have milk either, too many carbs, so I just skip milk altogether these days.

  3. Ahh, interesting.

    I really need to buy some of those ketostix. I wonder if i'm actually in Keto, or if the weight i've lost is purely from going to the gym and being on a lower carb diet.

    I went from eating rice, drinking milk every day to doing neither of those things. My carb count must be a tenth of what it used to be.

  4. They aren't really required. I'm sure you are probably in keto, seeing as you have had the funky breath you said, that's one sign. The other is your piss smells worse, or funkier or something.

    The stix are just kind of a help to give you an idea I guess.

    Nice job on cutting those carbs

  5. Carb wise, you don't count fiber at all ever because the body doesn't have the ability to digest it. It just can't do it. You could have 40 grams of fiber and they wouldn't count. The 20-30 carbs probably won't take you out of ketosis, some people might be iffy around 30, but generally no, 20-30 regular carbs you'll be fine. Those 20-30 carbs should be used wisely, as in vegetable intake to get micro nutrients up. Micro nutrient deficiencies' can occur.

    A ketogenic state is when your brain requires the production of ketones to supplement its need of glucose. This need peaks, rather peaks for ketones and drops for glucose at around 3 weeks where the brain will require only 30 percent of its total needs in glucose, around 30 grams. The other 70 percent come from ketones. Now during this 3 week period the body shifts from using ketones to just using FFA's or free fatty acids. The brain can't use these.

    Depending on particular biology one can be in a fat burning state at 50 carbs a day. Taking in your 20-30 carbs a day is basically your way of saying to the brain "Your going to produce up to 70 percent of your need, i'll give you another 20 carbs, you only need to produce a pittance, a handful of glucose to function". The extra glucose your body produces is from amino acids and the glycerol portion of the triglyceride.

    Ketostix are unreliable safety nets. They are only good for people that are starting out on ketosis so that they can get a feel for what its like to be in ketosis. That's it. If you drink too much water, you will get false negatives, if you take it at different times a day you will get different ratings, if you drink too little water the ketones will be more concentrated and give you a higher reading.

    Some people think higher ketone ratings mean your doing better, when in fact it doesn't mean much. Only the brain, CNS and i believe the heart will ever utilize ketones, you'll use more energy from just your left thigh using FFA's.

  6. I always are those drinks that are loaded with splenda? Can this effect ketosis through signaling or tricking the body to think something sweet is coming? I've seen lots of theories.

    Also, how about occassional direct carbs? I love to drink Lo-Carb Monster and it has 6 grams of carbs (glucose) per can + sucralose. I'm staying away now but I would love to be able to drink a couple of these a day again.

    I'm mostly using stevia glycerate as my sweetener in my coffees...I've been told to stay away from coffee too but screw that, it's a necessity.

  7. Decaf coffee + Splenda or Sweet 'n Low is OK, from what I've heard. I just don't know in what quantities, or when it becomes bad.

    And I think direct carbs are still OK, as long as you stay below your 20 or so for the day, but I'm not positive.

    I can't sleep right now and am craving carbs so frikkin bad, I think I may have some carbs tonight, then tomorrow morn through lunch only fat/protein, then do my carbup after bball practice. This 2 week crap is a killer <_<

    Would that be OK? Or should I just live with it and go to sleep(I also can't sleep, but still will be up around 5)

  8. Why decaf? I don't get it...caffeinated black coffee has no carbs. I always need my caffeine daily, not about to drop it lol.

    2 week? Ha try 0 refeeds... It's worse. I'm scared to try CKD right now, last time I tried I screwed it up. I don't mind staying in keto cos I'm on test, not worried too much about glycogen or losing muscle.

  9. Dang, I would be dead, I NEED my carbs, lol.

    I'm not positive why, but the list of food someone posted had only decaf coffee and unsweetened tea. I could understand why no caffeinated if you were using a stim, but I dunno why it would be none period :S

  10. I'm actually not too sure why sweeteners stop ketosis, maybe they too closely mimic the effects of glucose. I'll do more research and get back when I find something.

    Caffeine can cause an insulin spike which can interrupt ketosis. This is on a person to person basis, some guys can drink coffee with no problem what so ever. Some people have a higher tolerance to caffeine all together.

    If you want some carbs I would push it to 50/60, no more than that, then just deal with it from there.

  11. So, if it's the caffeine, that mean stims could kick people out of keto? Dang that would suck.

    And thanks for the info, guess I'll have another carb control tortilla

  12. I am basically on an IV of caffeine all day usually, probably doesn't have an effect on me insulin wise since I am so used to it. I'll have to pull out the ketostix to make sure though...but damn. I dunno what the alternatives would be... Geranium Extract+Sulbutiamine+PEA maybe

  13. How regularly do you drink coffee? I have a friend on this board, he drinks black coffee, blacker than the blackest black, he might as well be eating the coffee beans, and he stays in ketosis no problem.

  14. I have four a day, but they are also super black. My first cup of coffee in the morning has about 6 cups worth of coffee in it, then I have a few energy drinks in between my coffees. Sometimes Endorush sometimes low-carb monster, and other times redline extreme...I'm liking the noot filled drinks with high caffeine content now, especially with some PEA thrown in.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Gutterpump View Post
    I have four a day, but they are also super black. My first cup of coffee in the morning has about 6 cups worth of coffee in it, then I have a few energy drinks in between my coffees. Sometimes Endorush sometimes low-carb monster, and other times redline extreme...I'm liking the noot filled drinks with high caffeine content now, especially with some PEA thrown in.
    DANG, caffeine-man ^_^

    Thomas, are the low-carb energy drinks OK? Like the low-carb monster he mentioned?

  16. Ha I was about to say, I don't always drink it like this. I was burnt out for a while but now I'm back on it for a month and it's having a nice effect again. I can actually feel it after ages of it putting me to sleep.

  17. Ok, I just checked with the stix for the first time since I started 2 weeks ago, and I tested positive for a moderate amount of ketones. Guess I'm safe with the caffeine

    edit: I should probably state that I am taking na-rala daily too.. 3-4x pd, which I don't recommend since I almost passed out today after having about 400-500mgs. I don't know if this has an effect on any insulin spikes during my caffeine binges...probably does, or at least that's why I was taking it - to help curb any insulin activity from any carbs I may be getting in.

  18. Grats

    I wanna know about those frikkin lowcarb monsters now, lol. I'ma start drinking those if they are a go, I love those things.

  19. I think they will still cause a little insulin spike because of the 6 grams of glucose. I was ok with them occassionally though. If in doubt, do what I do and take some na-rala beforehand lol..then test your ketones later that day

  20. I think it's more of a person to person basis, your gonna have to take a shot at it and see how you react. How much caffeine do you regularly take in ShadowFury?

  21. Psh, right now, none, other than what's in Leviathan Reloaded.

    I'm not much of a coffee guy, more of the energy drink type

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Gutterpump View Post
    I have four a day, but they are also super black. My first cup of coffee in the morning has about 6 cups worth of coffee in it, then I have a few energy drinks in between my coffees. Sometimes Endorush sometimes low-carb monster, and other times redline extreme...I'm liking the noot filled drinks with high caffeine content now, especially with some PEA thrown in.
    I should probably clarify that I don't have a few energy drinks inbetween every coffee, I meant a few (2-3) spread out through the day when I am not drinking a coffee. Normally if I have 3 energy drinks, i won't have more than 2 coffees, and I don't have that ultra black one in the morning everyday.

    I also don't drink heavy amounts everyday, that's a quick route to adrenal fatigue. I kinda cycle my heavy caffeine days. I don't want people to try this and end up with a heart attack or completely burnt out lol

  23. Well, I had my refeed last night, and I went crazy, lol. Almost threw up a couple times(was actually hoping to)because I ate so much crap. I crammed about 450 carbs into last night, between 6:30 and 1 AM. I felt like I gained 100 lbs too, lol. That was some crazy crap, ate pancakes, gatorade, more pancakes, muffins...dang.

    But anyway, I have over 120 carbs left for today, is it fine if I eat them for breakfast/lunch, then have my workout around 12, and then just eat protein/low fats for tonight?
    I will be doing HIIT and then abs/legs, I screwed something up in my shoulder last night at work moving something, and now everytime I try to lift it up, it hurts like hell.
    I want to do a good workout today just incase I miscalculated carbs or anything, I don't feel like taking the chance ^_^

  24. You'r probably alright anyway. When you do refeeds your body actually will still be using fat for energy during the refeed, the body will still be hording carbs for glycogen and as long as your not overeating fat and protein, the fat made from the extra carbs you take in is used as energy. You'll read a lot online about guys that eat up to 8000 calories even and not gain a pound of fat. At a lower body weight it's a different case, but you'r probably fine.

    You should be more concerned about your shoulder than your diet, your diet sounds good.

  25. Alright, thanks for the quick reply

    I haven't been doing much upper body lately anyway, so my shoulder will be able to heal up pretty well before I am going to work it much again. Bball uses it, but it's not a lot, I'll just not do many crossovers or left handed layups for a little while.

    Arg, I hate doing little-no lifting and all cardio <_< Is there anything specific I should be changing up? Like should refeeds be less because I'm not using as much glycogen from multiple muscles from upper and lower body, only from bottom?

  26. I would keep your refeeds to at least 24 hours worth until you are doing more working out for the body over all. Then you would shift back into low carb eating and back into training.

  27. Quote Originally Posted by IHateGymMorons View Post
    the thyroid will mostly downregulate if calories get too low. You will need to incorportate some high calorie/high carb refeeds periodically. You can't stay low carb everyday. Your hormones will get jacked up and your muscles will always be flat. Also a high carb day or two can manipulate leptin levels and reduce cravings for the following week.

    This is a good point.

    I'm personally staying low carb for 4 weeks (alternating between lower cal and maintenance cal days), then doing 1 carb up day and then the velocity diet for 2 weeks. Going on vacation and then when I get back I'm going to be basically going on a CKD forever, I love the diet if I can get my refeeds right.

    I'm using Now's Thyroid Energy daily to keep the thyroid supported and working right. I highly recommend this supp, it's great.

  28. I'm starting my bulking on CKD tomorrow, it should be interesting

    I'm gonna look into the Thyroid supp to add to my next order, thanks for the suggestion

    Since I am going to start my bulk, should I up my cals 100, or 200-300 a day till I get to my goal cals? My maintenance is about 2200, and I'm doing around 1700 right now. So should I get all the way up to 2700, or is it fine if I just go up to around 2500? I want to be adding on muscle, but not a lot of fat.

    I'll be eating more pecans(1g carbs non fiber per serving) and close to 150 cals I think, so that will be my easy way of getting up there ^_^

  29. I've been told to only move around in 500cal increments at a time. 100-300 cals is a very minor change. But 500 cals may effect you more so I would look into that.

    I'm going to start high dosing b5 as well for the adrenals and take care of any acne. B5 is supposed to be great for helping to repair adrenals...great when you're on any stims.

    I'm also trying to find more protein powders to try out for the velocity diet. I have tried all of Biotest's and still have some. I bought 1 UltraPeptide Chocolate Peanut Butter, trying to find a couple other brands to mix it up some, but a lot of them are too high in carbs for my liking. Taste is also important.

  30. I added the Thyroid supp to my cart already ^_^
    I think you might like Poseidon Gutter, might wanna check that out, I love it

    I'll go up to 2200 starting tomorrow then, and Monday will be up to about 2800. How am I supposed to guesstimate how many extra cals to add because of bball practice/lifting? :S


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