cutting diet

  1. cutting diet

    ok im 6 foot 2 and 160 pounds, im just trying to lose the extra on my belly now. so please have a look at my diet to cut.
    breakfast-9 00-weetbix/oats
    meal 2- 12 00- a tuna salad with baked beans
    meal 3- 2 30-usually another salad but if after workout i have brown rice,green veg,and a chicken breast, i swap this meal alot and sometimes have sweet potato
    meal 4- 5 00-not to sure about this one but i try to cut out carbs,its usually lean meat of somekind and veg
    meal 5- 8/9 00- either 1 chicken breast/half a can of tuna

  2. oh yer this adds up to around 1500/1600 cals per day but i dont usually take note of protein carbs etc, maybe i should? and i THINK im around 14/15% b/f

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