Opinions on a female taking an estrogen blocker (arimistane) on contest prep?

  1. Opinions on a female taking an estrogen blocker (arimistane) on contest prep?

    I have heard of many female competitors such as ifbb pros (bikini) and figure competitors taking estrogen blockers to help get even leaner, especially so in the areas that matter most for female competitors (glutes/hips/thighs/legs) since women carry fat there the most.
    What is your guys' opinion on this?

    I have done as much research as I can and I see no problem with it considering it's just temporary.
    I am approx 8 weeks out from a bikini competition and am taking 50mg of arimistane from olympus labs. AM dose and PM dose.
    My diet, workouts, cardio, nutritition and supplementation is on point.
    5' 6 1/2"
    BF% 15 (approx)

    The reason I decided to throw in the estrogen blocker is because I am having a hard time leaning out my glutes/hamstrings/back of legs.
    I believe this will help me.
    Does anyone have any input on this?

    I have taken anavar, t3 and sarms in the past. Like I said it's just temporary and it's not like it says that females can't take an estrogen blocker.
    I just don't know anyone personally who has done it.
    I took 25mg for the first couple days then increased to 50mg.
    I am competing in NPC/Muscle Contest and they like harder, leaner and more muscular..

    Hope this is the right forum for this question!
    Thank you

  2. As long as it's not banned I don't see an issue. What was your experience with sarms like? I was looking to start a cycle of superdrox

  3. It isn't banned because they don't test for anything. There's bikini competitors out there taking test, even the ifbb pros.
    Sarms seem to be very controverial. I've taken ostagenin max and had really good results on it. Got pretty strong and leaned out a little bit even though I wasn't cutting at the time.
    I've also taken laxogenin from a few different brands. Definitely felt an increase in strength and like it has helped preserve muscle in a deficit.
    I've also taken cardarine from Primeval, didn't do ****. It must have been bunk or something else. I also was losing hair during the time that I took it and stopped immediately when that happened.
    I have never heard of superdrox. I am just very cautious when buying sarms because it's hard to trust that any of them are even legit.

  4. Look into it. I've heard some good things from a few of my friends It's made by Gpr. Please let me know what you think of it

  5. I don't see a problem taking an estrogen blocker during contest prep.
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  6. Great! Thank you for the response

  7. Only time it is recommended would be maybe 2 weeks out tops and normally nolvadex. Nolvadex will help harden you up but it actually doesn't suppress your estrogen levels to the extreme of an AI.

  8. Also as a female the last thing you want to do is mess with estrogen at an extreme amount or for a long time. Also if your on any type of hormonal birth control the estrogen blocker can cause serious issues and can actually cause water retention etc.

  9. An Ai would lower estrogen levels, then you have them side effects, sore joints, probably would reduce libido. Ai's also mess with cholesterol levels making them worse. A serm like nolva, clomid, or better yet raloxifene would be a better choice .
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  10. I wouldn't expect too much estrogen blocking from arimistane, it has other benefits but it's terrible as a ai for most ppl


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