Is this permanent

  1. Is this permanent

    This is another gynecomastia post but I want to say it's a little different from the rest.
    So I used to be a cross country runner in high school so I was very lean. Around that time, I developed puffy nipples cause of puberty. I did not even notice till someone pointed out that they are puffy.
    I quite running my senior year because I was tired of being skinny. I still had puffy nipples but they would constantly flip back and forth from puffy to hard.
    I started weight lifting and I took DHEA for about a month not knowing what it was.
    Two years later I still have puffy nipples.
    There is a small lump behind my nipples. It's like a small oval shape.
    Is it possible to take some supplement like letrozole to get rid of it? Is it safe?
    Or how about an IC3 supplement? Is it safe?
    Or is surgery the only option?

    Im currently bulking right now at about 14%BF
    Nipples are still puffy
    But even when I am lean it's still there.

  2. Looks like gyno. Should go to the doctor and have checked out.
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  3. It is gyno. I got it checked last year and he just said it was normal and not to worry about it

  4. Probably wouldn't hurt to go get it looked at again and maybe even by a different doctor.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by imessedup View Post
    It is gyno. I got it checked last year and he just said it was normal and not to worry about it
    If it's from puberty there isn't much you can do except surgery. The leaner you are the less noticeable it will be, but it is permanent unless it is surgically removed.
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