Tips for before/after large meal

  1. Tips for before/after large meal

    Let's say you are on a diet or your nutrition is on point. Nevertheless you know that one lunch/dinner is going to go off track either due to a special celebration, birthday or a night out. Whatever the excuse is...what would be some good tips you could recommend to slightly counter the effects of that excess? -ie avoid breakfast next day, take a specific supplement ie GDA or what?


  2. Tips for before/after large meal

    I always keep some digestive enzymes on hand to alleviate bloating. A GDA or even some bulk agmatine dosed at 1-1.5g will help too. I also like to hit the gym extra hard that day with a hi-rep, full-body depletion workout that day if possible and stick to lean proteins until the celebration.

    Most importantly, I remember that nights out are part of having a good, well-rounded life and the 3-5 pounds I might have gained from a celebration will be gone within the week.

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  3. Digestive enzymes like said above would be a good thing to have on hand. Also I just try to hit my daily macros so if I know i'm going to take in a lot of carbs that night I will lay off of the carbs and fat during the day and get them in when I splurge ha
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  4. Thanks guys, any suggestion on these digestive enzymes that you mention? I will Google them now.

  5. NOW Super Enzymes is what I use.
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  6. Thanks, I will take a look

  7. Digestive enzymes can help if you have issues with digestion. Otherwise, I wouldn't put much stock into them. I would just opt for a daily probiotic instead.

    GDA's are very useful, especially if the meal is carb heavy. Not only will a well dosed GDA help with shuttling nutrients, but they can also help give a full look to your muscles after the meal and provide a pump, if used pre workout. Personally, I can eat a meal well over 1,300 cals and if I take 2 caps of SlinMax 15-20 minutes prior to the meal, I feel like I could eat even more.

    Here is how I would address the second portion of your post. I wouldn't skip meals the next day. Hell, if you're cutting, the single meal may do wonders for your leptin levels. You could also just eat slightly less the next few days or do a little extra cardio. But like you said, we all have weddings, birthdays, etc. That is life. Unless one is competing or getting ready for a photo shoot, I would just live life and not worry about offsetting that single meal. Think about it this way, if you have 5 meals per day, that is about 1,900 meals a year. If you over indulge two times per week, you're looking at 104 meals or so. That is not going to make or break one's physique.

    However, again, I do like a GDA either for cosmetic purposes, a pump or even to reduce bloating.
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  8. Thanks! Looks like then some GDA (ie 2 caps of Assess1nate?) might be a good idea before any large meal, specially if high on carbs.


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