Specific Diet Plan

  1. Specific Diet Plan

    I'm looking to lose some weight. But need some serious help with a diet plan. Im much better at following something with detail then just given options. Anyone have anything to send me that is detailed for example Monday at 6am this is what u drink and eat then at 8am this is what's next and so on. I know if i had something specific to follow i would do much better. I'm not a picky eater either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! My stats are 5'10 285 and 35 years old.

  2. Why not just do it yourself?

    Your chances of getting a realistic diet plan from anyone is slim to non. You have done no leg work to even show you will follow what would be suggested.

    Now if you came to use with a meal plan that you want to follow that actually looks like something, than we will probably give you some suggestions on what WE would do.

    So here is a little help if you train in the morning.
    Wake up eat protein and carb meal
    PreWO - Conquer
    IntraWO - Compete + G2 Powder
    PostWO - Creatine-mono + isotean
    Every meal after protein carbs and fat.
    iForce Nutrition Anabolics Minion Member
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate
    iForce Nutrition -www.iForceNutrition.com

  3. There are a lot of plans out there you can find by looking around, but making a diet plan takes time and effort. Most people get paid to do things like that so it isn't realistic that someone will do it for free. The best thing to do is to eat at a caloric deficit, perform exercises rigorously and often to burn more calories, and run a fat burner like Dexaprine XR.

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