short clen

  1. short clen

    I know the popular clen cycle is 14-18 days, then off at least 2 weeks; would running it 3 days, then off 4 days every week for say 8 weeks still be thermogenic/anti-catabolic? Is 4 days enough time for the receptors to refresh or whatever the word is for it? Or would the effects diminish significantly after 2 weeks anyway.
    I'm getting ready to do the UD2 routine again and I was thinking of using clen for the first 3 low carb days, then off the next 4.

  2. I'm thinking it would be ok in that the body wouldn't have time to adapt to just 3 days use; similarly to metabloism not down regulating to a caloric deficit only for 4 days.
    UD2 also suggests it's ok to use a fast acting anablolic on the heavier lifting/carb-up days. I'm wondering if using M1T for just those 2 days would be ok, same reason; the body not having time to develop any sides (shutdown, excess DHT, bloat, need for PCT)
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