1. intro

    Hey guys just thought I would drop a line to tell everyone who I am. I am new here but not new to boards by any stretch of the word. I was with tazzy back in the begging of UG and then over at renegade for quite some time. After that I popped in at for fun. Now with a realativly new board in hand I will be here as much as I can. A little bio to let yo know my background. I have been working out for about 10 years serious for about 7. I have expermented with all sorts of things and find myself quite knowledgable about the "dark side" supplements. been doing those for about 9 years now as well. It is nice to see the curve going towards somewhat gray area supplements seing as we all want legality so for my wifes sake i try those as well. HAHA Anyway I am a personal trainer and have a couple certs for that under my belt also I have a BS in physiology, so this makes me dangerous as far as I am concerend, because I have some odd things to say about gym science versus body science. So if you want cotroversy here I am. I will however say that opinions are opinions and everyone is entitled to their own I just back some of mine up with science. Again like I said dangerous because it sounds weird when I start talking about stuff. Finally I am in my final year of my Masters program for Nutrition. So I have great knowledge in both clinical and practical world Nutrition. This on the other hand makes me a dork probably. Because I can talk in ridles you know like doctors do. Finally there is one more thing I would like to say. not everything works for everybody. Knowledge is power but it does not make you all knowing. If it did we would not need places like this to ask questions and get answers. I still ask stupid questions every once and a while just because I dont know all. So if you ever have anything to ask there are quite a few people on this board that know stuff some might be contadictions of others but honestly you have to take the advice and make it fit to your own body.

    enough ranting!


  2. Yep, Ill personally vouche for Whale's knowledge and insightful information. Talking to him for awhile in a chat room and had to have him over good, all around smart guy, nutrition, AAS, supplements, Etc. Will be a great addition to this board... YJ

  3. thanks bro

    I finally made it on after getting my moms permision. LOL

  4. Nice to see ya here. Stick around and have some fun. Talk to ya..
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  5. If YJ is actually *complimenting* you, ya must be good. Welcome to the board

  6. paid him

    I sent the check today YJ


  7. Originally posted by BrKonman
    If YJ is actually *complimenting* you, ya must be good. Welcome to the board
    Ouch, thats low bro, you must be a member ar

    Whale- Thank you....your funds are now inadequate for anymore pleasant words.

  8. Sir,

    I plan to pick your brain on numerous ocassions in the future.

    Welcome to the board Whale.
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  9. Originally posted by YellowJacket

    Ouch, thats low bro, you must be a member ar
    Heh... how'd you guess? And of course I meant that all in good fun.

  10. Originally posted by BrKonman

    Heh... how'd you guess? And of course I meant that all in good fun.
    Its all good....i aint mad at ya....
  11. Whale

    Welcome to the board........Another smart brother, this boards coming along nicely I think I'll stick around for a while



  12. Welcome Whale Glad to have you here. I guess YJ should go to work for the Army on all this recruiting he has been able to do. Hopefully we will see some great input by you bro. Just glad to see another informed participant in the game. Hope we all learn more from you man and I am sure that we will. I'll do my share as I know you will. Dakota says hi Whale.

  13. Sorry Ive been MIA. I have been unbelievably sick for a week +, today is finally the first day I feel back to 100%. The first several days I literally could not keep a single morsel of food in my stomach, so it was literallyjust pedialyte for 3+days, then gainer shakes and yogurt for the next few, and the last couple days I have actually been able to eat some real food. I lost a pretty significant amount of weight(around 7lbs), but I wouldnt say I lost much muscle if any at all, mostly fluids. If anything getting sick just shredded the living poo outta me lol. Not the way I would recommend doing it, but Il take it and run with it and get a head start on the summer cut...

    Tomorrow will be the first workout back after this week of misery, so Im expecting to initially be kind of weak, but it shouldnt be anything too drastic. Since I havent taken a week off in over a year, Id imagine this may have actually given my muscles some needed rest time. Anyways, Ive been stuffing my face the last few days just to make up for the few days I ate nothing at all, and I feel great.

    Haven't been taking any supps besides the basics because I have been on heavy antibiotics, so Il just resume the rest of the Licogenix starting tomorrow...


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