Hello folks,
I'm a young 18 year old, who used to be abt 130kg fat, i really mean 130kg fat! so i started working out running doing sports and so on and got down to a good stable 107kg maybe still a lot but i mean its a start. Im 6.2
I started weight lifting aswell so that is a showing some good results but what i was thinking was, i want to get rid of the last bit of fat which is getting harder. Prim targets for reduktion is, Chest/Belly.. I managed to "muscle" out the rest around the body besides this part.

Oatmeal with milk og either water / or eggs with out yellow stuff / cornflaks with milk

Lunch --> brownbread with ham on it, or pasta with some salat etc or a some chickenbreast abt 100grams

Dinner --> is something totally different im an indian so i mean i have really no idea but when i do try to eat something more "me" id eat tuna/pasta or chicken.

I'm up for anything tbh i just wanna get rid of last bit of fats arround the body and look better and feel better.

Ps. While im on it, would you define this as "Bitch-tits" if so any solution on how to get rid of it? maybe some produkt to help that area? and
someone told me that taking supplement to increase test would help reduktion of fat on chest is that correct?

Thx in advance

Since i cant "upload" pictures and u want to know or help me with the specifik con, pm me and i will link there!

Peace out