ok so I'm giving CKD a try for a 4 week cut. I've done low carb diets before, but all the info on the cycling with CKD is so positive I had to give it a shot once I decided to cut. I just want to get some feedback about my CKD diet/workout plan to see if I'm putting this together well. I've had some troubles hitting my numbers but that is mostly due to my ridiculous work/training schedule. Any info/tips/critiques are greatly appreciated.

Here are my stats:

25 years old
195lbs (roughly 10-15% BF)

Monday: 1 hour boxing followed by HIIT or a 1-2 mile run
Tuesday: 45min of a mixture of sparring, circuit training, etc. followed by another run
Wednesday: 1 hour Kickboxing followed by a run
Thursday: 1 hour boxing followed by a run
Friday(depletion workout pre carb up): Full body power lifting workout and possibly a run afterwards
Saturday: 45min training session (same as Tuesday)
Sunday: Off

My low carb days are Sunday - Friday 6PM
Carb up Friday 6PM - Saturday Midnight
Low carb day goals: 175g protein 100g fat 30g carbs

Here is how week one has gone so far:
Sunday: 126g protein, 100g fat, 14g carbs
Monday: 190, 94, 33
Tuesday: 173, 73, 27
Wednesday: 140, 101, 34