1. Recommendations...

    Anyone recommend a certain brand or product for Ephedrine? I'd rather not buy or contribute to a company that sells an inferior product. Obviously provide something that you have used personally. Thanks for the help in advance.

  2. bronkaid from walgreen is what i use cuz its easy to get

    i stiack with




    careful if you do ECY tho, ppl complian of high blood pressure n such
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  3. Another option would be Primatene which is Ephedrine HCL.

  4. I think I am going to go with the Primatene. I just wanted to be sure that the other added chems would not cause an issue. I want to start off with 12.5mg pre workout and go from there.

    Currently I am taking 2.5mg of Y along with 100-125mg of C...

    In what mg range would you dose the C and Y if I added E to the equation?

  5. i was doing 25mg eph / 2.5mcg yohimibine / 200 mg caffeien
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  6. That seems like a lot. 125mg of caffeine and 2.5mg of Y seems to give me a good kick. I'll try to work my way up to that. Thanks for all of the advice guys.

  7. ya be careful, lotta ppl dont like this combo
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